About 3 today I messaged Sleeping Beauty and ask how he was doing today? I didn’t get a reply back and I got busy so I didn’t say anything else for a while. About 8 things seemed as if they were slowing down I could breath a little. I sent him another message not really expecting a reply but just say hey I am thinking about you your not alone. I said….

Hey whats going on? Are you okay? You know if you need something and I can help I will and that I am here if you need to talk. Worried about you.

Almost right away I had a response. It just said I can’t talk about it.

Before I could say anything I was hit with a bunch of people walking in and a bunch in rooms calling for help. I sat my phone to the side to help them. While I was my phone kept going off.

I sat back down it was messages from him. He said he use to have friends that saidbthey were there no matter what but when he needs them the most they aren’t there he is alone.

Another one said he had people in his life that said til death do us part but I’m not dead.

Then talking about boss saying he would help him then fired him when he asked.

I lie to people about my sex life so no one talks shit but its been a year and 5 months since ive had sex so my life sucks.

And the most important person in my life past away 4 yrs ago and it still hurts like hell.

I didn’t know what to say about all of it I didn’t get to say a lot because I got so busy. But we talked a little.

I said the ones who say til death do us part are the ones who cause the most damage and walk away crying victim.

He said yeah they took his kids and kept them from him.

I said that is not right that is why no matter what I have never kept mine away from their dads. Even with all the abuse the one put me through. That is their relationship not mine.

You know i am here help how I can. Im limited right now not having a ride but if i can do something i will.

He said its okay, that he was going to go to bed. Said he cried all day yesterday.

You know sex isn’t everything. Its none of anyones business. At least your not out sleeping with everything that comes along. Or paying for it taking a chance on catching who knows what.

He said he knew. I said everyone acts like i sleep with anyone everyone I don’t I been with x people ever and no one of them shouldn’t of happen but it did. It is what it is.

I told him goodnight that I would be here to talk if he needed to or couldn’t sleep. That he knew I be up a while didn’t sleep until late. He not said anything after i know. Hopefully he is resting and is able to get some sleep he has work in the morning.

I felt bad I couldn’t talk got busy. Then had to clean. I asked him to call me why I cleaned I can’t text and do what I had to do. But could of talked. He said he couldn’t. He probably at home not wanting everyone to know what he is saying whats going on. I told him i be back when i was done took about 40 minutes. Then he said a little was going to bed. I knew he would be why i wanted him to call. But i know why he didn’t.

I am going to try to stop by and see him tomorrow if I can get out for a few minutes and he is close by working.


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