Today me and my oldest went up to the store like we do most days before I go to work. We went and picked up the things they needed and then went over to the grocery to pick up what my mother needed. I decided to get a wrape to take to work for the day. It is so late by the time I get home I don’t feel like getting left overs out and heating everything up and some nights they eat all of it there is none.

Normally I would wait in the truck and oldest would go in. She did at the other store I was so hot. So I decided to go in with her so I wouldn’t be hot and since I was ordering food as well.

We go to the side where the deli is and are waiting in line. In a few minutes out of the corner of my eye I see a group of guys in matching bright colored shirts standing off to the side and looking at us. All crowded up together talking. Two looked kind of young the other I didn’t get a good look at as I turned back around something said look again you know him. I turned looked itnwas my ex. He looked horrible. His hair is long dirty and nasty. His beard or attempt to grow one was dirty and nasty.

I stepped around to my oldest and whispered in her ear because she had not seen them or me looking at them. I said there is your dad standing right over there. If you want to talk to him or say anything to him go ahead and do it. Because she was asking me to take her to see him she wanted to talk to him last week. She said no no I don’t want to. I said that is fine but if you do go ahead there is nothing wrong with it. She said he might start or what he would say. I told her he would not start anything or say anything at all because of us being in the store he dont want to look like the ass he is. She said no she had nothing to say to him she didn’t want anything to do with him.

I looked up he took off went to the back of the store and down the back by the meat and things. I told her he is hiding until we leave or went to the truck to hide. Sorry ass standing 4 ft if that from us. Then a couple of the guys got in line for their food. I said loud enough for them to hear me so daddy he is not had any contact with his kids in a year and a half then stand two foot from her and runs to hide. Everyone looked, they just stood there not knowing what to say because I looked right in their direction and said it.

We got our food I walked right to the back of the store the way he went we walked all the store and came back up to the service desk to check out right in the front. I told her he will be back at the counter or sitting in the truck. Sure enough he went up the aile and ran back to the deli and was in line to get his food with the other guy.

I said ok that is fine we are going to wait until he comes out in a minute drive right up take a picture of him getting in the company’s truck with all the guys in their matching shirts. Let his boss and him tell the courts he isn’t working then. We drove around found the truck so I could sit outbof sight but close enough to get pictures and pull up before he left. As I came past the store I seen them all sitting at tables inside eating instead of coming out. Done I parked my truck got out and walked my ass right back into the store.

I turned my phone on to record as we were walking through the store and over to him. Him and about 6 or 8 of the guys were there sitting and eating by then. They all looked like oh shit when they seen me and my oldest walk around the corner. I know they seen us drive by the truck was laughing because they weren’t coming out. Thought i would go on and not come in I am sure.

I just smiled at them all walked right up to the table to deadbeat and said look here is the deal you know we don’t want to be here we want to leave and move. If I pay for it all and go to court will you just sign your rights up and leave is alone? Again the wow shit she just walked in and said this just matter of fact in front of everyone. He had this look of I don’t know what on his face and says uh um can we talk about this outside? I said well I was going to but you ran and was hiding and then didn’t come out, so I came to you. He jumped up and headed outside.

I some how got infront of him and oldest got mixed in the shuffle. I was in a hurry because I had to get to work. I heard him behind me say something to oldest and turned to look. I guess he tried to give her a hug or something she was ducking back and pulling away and just stopped walking. She started crying her eyes out. I told her come up there with me walk with me. She didn’t even want to walk past him to get to me or get close to him. I moved around that made him have to move further away and me netween them. I took her hand and pulled her up to by me we walked out into the lobby area of the store. I gave her the keys and told her to go get in the truck gave her a hug. He was saying I love you, I love you she couldn’t even look at him.

By now we are outside the door of the store he starts about why do you want me to sign my rights up? You know I love them. I said look it has been a year and a half since you seen or spoke to them and your not paying a dime. He says almost a year and a half not yet though. I am already mad and been shaking since we first seen him. That just went through me. It has been 15 months!!!! Are we really going to really split hairs over 15 vs. 18??? Really??? It should not even be a question of any months much less 15 vs. 18!!

I said she is crying her eyes out because you have had nothing to do with them it is Summer time and they have gotten to do nothing because I been working three jobs to just keep bills paid. I lost two of those and hardly keeping things going. They can’t go anywhere do anything doing without things they need like clothes and everything else.

He says why haven’t you brought them to the house? They can come over there. I said they do not want to come to your house they do not want to be around her. They don’t want to stay with her or have anything to do with her or see her. They don’t want to stay with you and at your house either.

This point we have moved from infront of the door to the store to my truck.

You have not been in their life for a year and a half you think your going step back in like nothing happen. No I understand. I said I need to move somewhere I have help, I need to move somewhere me and these kids can afford to live and not struggle. You need to sign over full custody or your rights so that I can do that. Okay okay I will sighn over full custody. I will go to the court house next week and get the papers and fill them out and get them turned in and do what I have to do to take care of that. I said I can do like allf the kids are telling me to and just up and leave and tell you nothing. Like they said you wouldn’t know if we are still in the county or moved 10 states away. I said but I am trying to do everything legally. I said like Elisha said he is going to go to court and tell the judge my dad is not in my life he has nothing to do with us and we want to live with our mom and we want to move out of state and we are going to go no matter what the judge says because my daddy has no say in my life anymore he ran away from us and has nothing to do with us. He again said okay I am going to get it taken care of.

Something was said about child support I said I still can not afford to live here even with it and we don’t want to. He said I know I will see what I can do start bringing you money this week get the papers taken care of next week. I said how much? He said I can probably do $100 a week. I said you are over $6000 behind that was last I figured it up its been a while. $100 hardly pays what you owe in a month. You need to be paying like $200 a week. He said I can’t do that. I said you need to figure out how you are going to get me caught up you need to give me more than $100 a week. He said he could try to do $150. He ask if he could come Saturday and see the kids and bring me money? Said he gets off late on Friday unless I wanted him to bring it late when he got off. I said no you need to get a hold of me and set something up. I work the weekends and we will have to figure out how you are going to see the kids when I am off and how they want to see you if they do. I said she better not come to my house even to drop money off nothing at all. The kids do not want her around and as for seeing you it is all 10p% up to them if and when and how and it will be on my days off. I figure I need to be off so that if they want to come home something happens they can call me and let me know and I can make him bring them home or go get them. If I am at work he can take them home or go get her and take her out with them that isn’t going to fly. If Ibam off I can go get them if he pulls that.

He said something about not letting him see them. I said oh no no do not even go there. I said you know where they are I have never told you, you could not see them. I have never kept them from you. I said you walk right by them going in and out of stores and everything else just like today and not say a word to them. I do not I haven’t seen them in a year and a HALF he says. I said yes this day at this store you did this. I didn’t see her in the truck. I said yes you did you drove around my truck looked at her and drove away. This store you walked right by her ran jumped in the car with your druggie buddy and left. What druggie buddy? I said the one you were stuck to like glue that came in my job and tried to get me fired. Oh him i don’t talk to him or hangout with him since I foundout he was a piece of shit. I said your right there with him don’t speak to your kids see them or pay a dime for a year and a half. He didn’t say anything.

I said and why you tell people he adopted my daughter your paying support on all 4 and I am not letting you see them that is a lie you know it and you need to stop telling people that. I didn’t, I didn’t that never came out of my mouth. I said well I have heard it from a few people now and that better come to a stop.

The subject of paying me and all that came up again he started saying something. I said well if I take you to court you are going to lose your license and go to jail so you better figure something out. And I have the paper all filled out to send irs to let them know how your boss is working everyone of you under the table and no one is paying taxes or anything. You all have no idea what me and these kids have gone through to survive the last year and a half and gone without and everything else. Lets see how itvis when you all have no job and he has to answer to irs. Why everyone thought it would be funny to sit and let us struggle. Okay i will get it taken care of I will get the papers turned in in the courts for custody. Then tells me his phone is dead he can’t use it he needs a new one. I said so you had all this extra money in the last year and a half you should of bought one. I don’t care what you have dont have or need. You better get a hold of me and do everything you said because I have the paper right in this box and i will turn it in.

I am sure it is probably a bunch of empty promises as always. But I have given him a chance and when i turn the papers in he goes to jail has no license and his boss is in trouble with the irs. They all come at me with what, why and everything. I have it all recorded what was talked about and supposed to be done. So he didn’t hold up his end of the deal then I held up mine. He didn’t care enough about his kids job or boss to do what needed to be done then why should I care?

He started again about going to child support enforcement. I said I can’t because your working under the table and your boss lies says you dont work there. I said why do i need to go there? You know what you owe you know when and where your kids are why don’t you just give it to them? He didn’t say anything. Thinking about it now if I go to them they are going to take it right from his check before be see’s it. If he has to bring it to me give it to me then he has to fight with her about giving it to me and how much and bringing it to me and her not coming with him. I bet he don’t tell her he seen me today and he don’t tell her he is going to come see them or bring them money. I bet he tells her he has to work Saturday and his check was short or he lent someone money. To stay out of trouble with her.

I don’t care, they went behind mine and my kids back and done us this way, I do not have to welcome her to my house or tell my kids they have to go around her. If he don’t get a hold of me Saturday like he said I am going to turn boss in. If I see him saturday, I am going to tell him you know what you owe all this we have struggled the last year and a half why you spent you need to get a lone from somewhere and give me a good chunk of it back and make payments to whoever because the kids need stuff now not $50 a week. Or i will go to court so they can tell you to pay the chunk now and go from there.


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