I finally went to sleep at a decent hour, soon as I posted that last post I was a sleep. But then I had crazy dreams all night from being so stressed. I slept about 7 hours straight and another 3 or so waking up off and on. I feel like I could sleep another 12 straight if I didn’t have to go to work. When I dream like that I feel as if I hadn’t slept at all. It really sucks.

I messaged Sleeping Beauty he hasn’t said anything back. I been thinking about what he said.. You will findout. Almost seems like something is up he don’t want me to know about or something. I don’t know what. Maybe he is trying to get the truck he has there as part of the deal on my truck plus a decent amount for mine. I don’t know i had forgot he said they had a little Ranger at this lot too. I don’t know just seem odd the way he said you will find out. Find out what? I could be listing it trying to find someone else to buy it. Or calling the guy at the other lot who wanted it.

But he offered to get a hold of this guy and take care of it all. Honestly I did not want to mess with it or deal with anything to do with the truck, fixing it, selling it or anything else. So he offered to take it and handle it I let him. But I thought he handle it a little faster knowing the jam I am in. It probably wouldn’t be any faster had I done it because of all our odd work hours. I really not mad at either of them just myself and impatient. I am not use to someone else handling things and trusting they will get done properly. So that stresses me out that I am not the one doing it even though I am glad I don’t have to and he is. I know I am crazy. Its just being the one to always handle things and getting them done its hard to turn it over to someone else. Especially just a friendnor what. But I do trust him or I wouldn’t of done it.

I dreamed all night about helping someone buy a car and trying to sell mine. There was all kinds of other crazy things happening in it too. I know it is all from stress.


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