Never heard from Sleeping Beauty today. I sent him a message at 12 something. I told him I had to go to work but that the truck was unlocked and where the keys were. I told him if he wanted to test drive it that was fine just to check the water. That I told kids stay in not to come out and things. I told him thank you for helping me. That it meant a lot to me.

Tonight about 9:30 I hadn’t heard from him so I just message ask what he was doing. He said just got home. He said they didn’t get to go by he got busy and worked late.

I asked if the guy would be in at the lot in the morning I would just fill it with water and take it up there. I just have to keep a close eye on it.

He said I would find out. That is the last thing he said. I figured he probably taking shower eating going to bed and things. As late as it was getting.

I told him they weren’t happy at work, i was having trouble getting there when they need me or getting there on time. I got on the bus at 1130 to be at work by 2 and clocked in late because i got there after 2. That I am just stressed.

I felt bad, I felt like I was bitching and complaining and that isn’t what I was doing at all. I am just tired, stresses and worrying outloud. I messaged again told him….

Im sorry im really not complaining or bitching im just aggravated with myself. Being in this situation, and no matter how hard i work i can’t make it. I know you got to work too and taking time to help me. And again thank you.

Because I really wasn’t mad at him. He like everyone else can’t just tell his boss he can’t work or what.

I don’t understand the you will find out message. Why not just say we are coming tomorrow or this night that night. At first i thought he was saying find out but then when i re-read it i took it to mean they will let me know something just wait. Really not sure. Really honestly i am to tired to care. It is 1245 and i am about to pass out. For me that is great seeing as it is after 4 lately. I am just going to go with it tonight. Hope it last.


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