Who does not talk things over with other people when making big life changing decisions?

Take moving away. All my friends know we want to have for a while and different areas we are looking at and things. My one friend knows that if I can work things out I may in a month or two.

But when it comes right down to deciding if we are going, when and all the details I don’t talk to anyone about anything. I decide I am going I set everything up and start working on making it happen. Once the date to leave isn’t to far away and I have to start doing things like pack, go through things, get rid of stuff and all that, then I will tell everyone we are going. Once I know for sure we are and there is no chance of something going wrong. And it is to late to change plans or what.

Like talking to my “friend” when he was talking about getting together and being more. And how I feel about sleeping Beauty. I have only told two people that. That was just talking and things. I have not even told Bff how I feel or what I am considering. She knows I have been talking to someone, that I am interested and have feelings for them but she don’t know who. She knows that the other one is interested but not that i really have considered it or am. She keeps asking who the other one is I just say someone I been talking to for a while. She don’t know how much and how offten or what all we talk about. She thinks I just talk to him now and then. She ask again today i just went on about whatever else we were talking about. She said we need to get together and talk when i get home. I just said okay.

I don’t really feel it is stuff I really need to get into all the details with someone or even just talk about with others really. I feel I want to decide for myself what I want, how I want to go about it and then do it. Without having everyone’s input, thoughts and opinions to influence my decisions. I want to feel I did what was right for me and what I wanted. Not what everyone else thought or wanted. If its a good outcome okay great everyone will know soon enough. If not they may or may not findout anything.

When I decided to get my divorce I was the same way. I did not tell anyone there were even proplems or thoughts of a divorce. Few knew there was little things wrong. No one though things big enough for divorce or that we would get to that. So many people said you all were the perfect family, what do you mean a divorce? You will work it out let him come back. All kinds of stuff. But when I told even the first person that is what we were doing I already knew 100% that there was no changing of my mind, no working it out, no getting back together. I was okay with it and ready to move on.

It is kind of funny because I am this way and not real open when it comes to things. But then I am the one everyone comes to and ask what they should to or how they should handle this or that. I feel I am the only one who doesn’t ask others what they think or what they should to. I have been told I hide and do everything or asked why I keep everything a big secret? Really I am not, if I am really going to do something I like to know it is going to happen for sure before I talk about it.


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