Listening to the recording of everything that was said between me and father of the year, I am very surprised in his reaction and things. I am surprised he didn’t freak out and have a fit as soon as we walked outside or even just get nasty when I walked up. Like when I went to the school he freaked out as soon as he saw me called the police. Or how he does when he calls and all mad.

I knew he wouldn’t cause a problem if oldest went and talk to him but figured if I said anything he would. He looked miserable and like he was still homeless. He never looked like that when we were together. Always dressed decent shower and things. Anymore he looks like he never showers or anything. He has a house and things he should. He sure don’t look happy to only be coming up on his first anniversary with his new wife.

The fact he stood there for like 15 minutes and talked about this never lost his cool. Even when I would say this or that was his fault the kids would see him on their terms that she was not wanted to be around. Everything was okay, of course, I understand, thats fine. I will get it taken care of, i will do this or that, i will get a hold of you saturday to see the kids bring money. But again what he says and what he does could and most likely will be two different things. But most the time if you say things like that call him out how he is or say its going be done this way or tell him he needs to do this or that he would hit the roof turn into a mad man. Never once did he. He kept trying hang around talk and things i said I have to go to work i have to go. I get a hold of you Saturday about meeting up he said. I said okay we left.

I hope he brings money like he said i could really use it right now. But not getting my hopes up or counting on it.


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