Last night I posted about not having a ride and needing to do things. A friend commented and then boss from the shop did. He said he told bff to tell me he would traid an 05 Trailblazer with 3rd row seat for my truck.

That from what I can remember is about the size of a Ford Explorer. Hardly any room with 2 seats and now they added a 3rd. It’s 2 steps down than what I have now and a Chevy. I had an explorer when my older two were little it was ok but cramped then. I can not see putting 4 kids in one. Plus dogs and things. I know it is worth about half of what my truck is right now as it sits and a quarter of what its worth or less if it was fixed.

Now I see why he hasn’t offered to help fix it. Any other time he tell me bring it in he get the parts help me fix it. Pay him when I could and things. But now he wants it and figures I am in a jam I will trade him. He has been buying a bunch of suv’s the last few months to fix and sell. Thinking about opening a lot instead of the shop. He figures he get my truck for nothing fix it for next to nothing because it don’t need that much in parts and he don’t pay the guys labor pay he pays them next to nothing and the same if they are working or not so he losing nothing that way. He only paid a few $100 for the one he is trying to give me. So he would walk away with all most all profit.

Thats pretty sorry but not surprising where it is coming from. When he knows I’m working my ass off and need a ride. Explains why he got mad at bff for giving me rides too. He never before and we are together all the time go everywhere. Since my truck broke down he been giving her shit for being with me giving me rides. And i been giving her gas money if we go anywhere unplanned like taking me to from work, the bank or something. That explains it right there. If I am stuck and desperate I am more likely to jump on the trade.

It sucks if I could turn the tag in and drop the insurence for a month and get to and from work for that month I could buy the parts. I could use the $200 I pay on it every month to buy the parts. My “friend” could put them in for me. Then I could use next months payment and start it again. But i can’t park it with no tag at my house. If I drop insurance don’t turn tag in they can take my license. Its due any day so I have to do it fast.

I haven’t said anything to boss. If he says anything I am just going to tell him I need something bigger than that. I’m going tell him also that I would be giving my truck away and it make more since for me to fix it than do that. I know he bought a bunch that are a step down from mine i may have considered one of them. But I don’t know that I trust him to of fixed it not just rigged whatever was wrong with them. Be stuck walking again.


3 thoughts on “2005 Chevy Trailblazer

    1. Yes and I figure this is why my Bff didn’t say anything she knows it isn’t a good deal. I wonder if this is what he got in contact with starfish about. To get him to try and get me to trade him for it. Because he was not happy about whatever it was and said he talk to me about it later. This was right after me and bff was talking about him trying to sell it for me.

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