Call My Dad So I Can Talk

Last night laying in bed with little bitty daddies came up. She said deadbeat didn’t like me so he left. Meaning me not her. I told her no he left for other reasons. That was not her dad. So then she wanted to know who he was and everything.

I told her his name and pulled up pictures of him on my phone and showed her. All things I have done before. But she was littler then. She asked about him more we talked. She then asked if we coukd call him today? She wants to talk to him and get to know him. She wants to tell him she is about to lose her first tooth and about her dogs and school. I told her I did not have a number for him. She said it was okay she would dream of it when she went to sleep and tell me what it was when she got up. I told her okay and that maybe we could send him a message one day too if she really wanted to get a hold of him. She said okay. So far today she had not said anything to me about him. I forgot to ask oldest if she did her or not. I will have to in the morning.

I can’t catch a break with the daddies this week. But if she ask more I will contact him for her. Pray for the best for her.

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