Not surprising the deadbeat did not show up or call today. I am really not surprised at all. I sat down last night and figured how far behind he is. He owes $9400 as of this Friday that just passed. But no one will do anything about it. It is pretty sorry these guys are able to walk away from their responsibilities so easily and no one does anything. No matter how much you beg and ask.

It really should be a criminal charge to not pay and take care of your kid/s. It is one thing if there is a reason you really can’t and you are there other ways or what. But when you do like he is and not doing anything and have the money coming in. Its messed up.


My oldest said she isn’t surprised and expected it. But I know it hurts and there was that small tiny shred of hope that was crushed. And it hurts just as bad. I hurt for her. I just want to go knock on his door be like here you go you said bring them over. Buckle up they are moving in because ai can’t do it anymore. Leave them for like two weeks. Tell them to make their lives hell why they are there. After the first 24/48 they be bringing them back and paying. If only that would work. I am mailing the paper off to irs Monday and as soon as i can get to the court house filing for him to go to jail and lose his dl. See how he works then with none and from jail. How his boss likes it when they come knocking on the door he ends up in jail as well. Fun times are about to come their way.


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