It is late in the afternoon and I still have not gotten up. I have been laying here in my bed doing stuff on my phone off and on for hours. I was going to get up about an hour ago and all of a sudden I could not hold my eyes open if I wanted to. Mr. 7 was in here laying on the bed talking to me he kept saying are you awake. We finished he went to play and I fell a sleep and slept hard the short time I did sleep. I didn’t hear anything going on. So weird considering I slept last night pretty decent. Guess my body is trying to catch up on all the sleep I haven’t been getting lately.

Needless to say I didn’t get to talk to the owners about getting my truck fixed. I really didn’t want to take the bus out there and back or make that walk either. Its so hot out and it really takes a lot out of me. When I get to work I am so beat and can’t think of stuff or remember things. I just drag all day.

I hope he is there tomorrow when I get there and I can talk to him. I am going to ask if they are going to be there tomorrow let them know I would like to talk to one or both of them. See what time they will be there so I can get an early bus out there get there on time.

I am craving bread again. The last two days I have been eating cheese garlic bread. I am not sure why. I eat a few slices of the big toast slices and I am good. But I know its bad since I have been losing weight. I will probably gain now. It might be the things I have been eating I am not getting something I need thats why I am craving it. I was craving something else odd the other day too. I should probably start taking vitamins or eating better meals.

Guess I better go to the store. I wanted to put something in the crockpot but I am not going to have time now probably.


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