And another one’s gone, and another ones gone, and another one’s gone. Another one bites the dust……..

Ok so my Little Bitty told me I can’t sing and it is offensive. So I am very sorry if I offended anyone or made your ears bleed. But I am in a good mood and kind of amused by tonights happenings. And the fact that it is 5 am, I am still awake with no sleep insight may play a part in it as well.

But back to my post, another so called friend is out of the picture. Me, bff and Mr.To Broken were talking in a group chat. He gets bent out of shape over something. We have no clue what. He ask if we could talk I said sure whats up? In a bit he calls from the group chat so if we wanted to be we all could of been on there.

Bff didn’t answer so it was just me and him. He starts telling me he has to tell me something but not to tell anyone at all blah blah. Then tells me how so and so like i know her ask him to come over but only if he wanted to fuck. He got mad told her no. Was saying he wanted more like if it was him and me it was different we were closer and have more meaningful conversations. That he would want more than that if it was us blah blah. He says even when I talk to J (talking about me) its all just bullshit nothing like the talks we have yada yada. I by now before he said this tried to stop him because i know he thinks he is talking to bff and talking about me. He kept on and said that. I said um who do you think your talking to? He said hu what? Then dead silence. Not a word for a bit. I said hello? You there? What are you talking about? Still nothing but I could tell he was still there. I said dumb ass as i pulled the phone away and hung up. I have not heard from him since. I don’t care if I ever do. I set it to ignore his messages so it will not tell me if he sends any and I unfriended him. I also sent him a nice message to the group chat.

As I told him I had his number from jump so I am not surprised, upset or hurt. It was a matter of when he was going to show his true colors. I hope he reads it all and replies. Just to see what he says because I decided to go ahead and tell him what all is wrong with him and why he can’t get a girlfriend.

Since it has been made very clear what you think I thought I let you know a few things as well.

Funny you say I talk shit or its all just shit talk when we talk. 99% of the times we talk your boo hoo ing over being alone no one wants you no one will give you a chance your never going to meet anyone and wanting to know whats wrong with you then telling me how i won’t tell you what you need to do or not do so that you can be perfect for me and i will go out with you. How in love with me you are and how im everything your looking for. If i just give you a chance blah blah even after being told i am interested in someone else and have feelings for someone else. Who wants someone thats not interested in them and has made that very clear over and over? Don’t get it.

What is wrong with you is that you need to get some confidents, a since of humor and lighten the fuck up. Stop trying to force every date into a realtionship. Just because someone speaks to you or agrees to go on a date don’t mean she is interested in anything more.

No one is impressed by what you have, have had, what you spent on something or your resume. A real woman could careless because it isn’t what she is looking for.

A real woman wants someone who has it together and can match her step. Not someone who she has to drag up drag around and stroke their ego and give them approval all the time. She isn’t looking to be with someone who spends their life doing nothing but worrying about and trying to please her. She wants a man who is secure enough in himself that he don’t need pat on the head for every little thing. She wants some one who is happy in life with or without her or someone in it. If you can not be happy on your own in life no one can be happy with you. Because they do not want the burden of worring about if your happy all the time.

She also don’t want a weekend worrier dad who complains all the time about the little bit of time he does spend with his kids. Who bitches because their mommy don’t do it because they are tired or don’t feel good or that they never have a weekend free. So the fuck what? You have every other day of the week free that you don’t have them to do anything that you want. If you don’t then to bad that is on you and you alone. So what you work 12hr days that again is on you and you alone you chose to work that job with those hours. If you have no life because of it then chanbge it. You have no life because of the job not your kids. Guess what your a single dad now, you don’t get to say im sick and check out when its your time to have them, you don’t get to say oh they kept me up all night and checkout and take a nap or hide in your room just because you feel like it and expect someone else to take care of them. Not how it works. If you think it is and you think you have no life because of them then you better wake up and think again. Suck it up buttercup this is your life now. So get up and do something take your kids out do things. If you really think you have no life or what because you have your kids a few days a week. Your really no better than any other deadbeat parent out there. Think its worse to have a parent who pretends and plays the roll badly than one who isn’t there at all. But hey its all okay. Your kids will know and figure it out on their own.

And as for Angela being the reason and the one to blame for us never being anything more than friends as you say. She has nothing to do with why we were nothing more than friends. It has everything to do with you and you alone. You have no idea how to keep your hands to yourself. You hadn’t even gotten in before you had your hands all over me and shit. Then the whole time we were out and sit like a scolded kid in trouble, every other word im sorry and god forbid if a joke was made you make it into something it wasn’t or not get it at all. And all you could think about and talk about was sex sex sex. No matter how many times i told you not interested not what im looking for not offering what i want all you bring up is sex. So no it was all you who messed things up. No one else nothing else but you. I knew soon as you walked out to my truck it never be anything more than friends.

Then you talk to one and then another and then tell back and forth what others told you or did. Your worse than two old gossiping ladies. Just like how you and angela have phone sex and she met you that one time as you say. How this one wants this or that and the one tonight you say just wanted to fuck but you want more. I don’t believe it one bit. I done caught so many lies you already told. And know the things you have said and things how you are. There no way she offered that and you didn’t go. Just like you said to me i take it anywhere i could get it if i could just get it and shit.

No I am not mad one bit because I already knew your type and what to expect long ago. So there was nothing to get mad about. It was just a matter of when. You and my ex husband are like two peas in a pod. You could be twins your so much a like. As long as you continue to be the way you are good luck meeting someone. But I am sure if you look you can find yourself a rhonda just like he did. Hell he is the type if you ask he would share and let you move in.

Yeah knew what you were all about from jump but gave you a chance to prove me wrong but yet all you done was prove me right. Why when you would say don’t worry about me, i don’t want you to worry about me i say im not and i don’t i wasn’t unlike you i have nothing to hide and no reason to lie about anything. I am not here to get people to like me please others stroke their ego or save their feelings. If i say it you can bet i mean it.

Yep not mad at all find it amusing your to stupid to even know who you were talking to. When you foundout didn’t have the balls to even say anything. Just one less person to waste my time being there for. But thats ok because i need to get rid of the negative from around me.

Did not notice it cut off at like two. So edited to add the rest. And say he never responded and left the group. Oh well no loss here.


4 thoughts on “And Another One Bites The Dust

      1. At one point in my life I asked for a negative to be removed from my life. In one month my top two friends, friended there way out of my life and my ex asked for divorce. At the time I was blown away until I realized how freeing life started to become.

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