Bff and her aunt picked me up from work tonight. We decided to stop for our girls night since we haven’t seen eachother in weeks really.

We sat and talked a while and joked around. I was talking about needing to get my truck fixed and wanting to move and things. I said if I don’t get it fixed I would just put me and the kids on a bus and go with no truck. Bff said what about the dogs? I said I have do what I had to do.  We got to  talking about one of her girls and working at the truck stop. When I said it, it hit me. My friends husband is a truck driver. I said shit i ask him take us give him some money and be done.

Later on the way home one of them said something about my truck and selling it if I go and things. I said if I can’t get it fixed I will scrap it take what I can get. One said wouldn’t I get more selling it? I said probably but I am not getting ripped off by these people that is all I am getting. I said I will give it away first to someone who needs it. It hit me, he drives a rig. I am not taking a lot if he would take me the kids, dogs and the little bit of crap we want to take, I would give him and his son my truck for doing it for me. They can do all the work theirself if they were willing to do that for me then they could have it for sure. I can put the $230 in it and get it back on the road but it needs other work before I can take a trip like that in it. But then when I get there I have inspections and things to pass. I am not sure what they look for and think it should pass but if it don’t im in trouble. This maybe a better idea all around.

I have to get a hold of the one talk to him and go from there. But this is most likely what I will do if i go and if her husband would be willing to do that. He owns his rig and everything so he has flexibility. If he can’t take us. If be would take our stuff and animals i would still do it.


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