{July 20, 2018}   So Close But Still So Far Away

To having my truck back on the road. I really need it done Saturday but don’t have the money. Then I checked tonight and my tax money says It will be here Monday. Figures the start of the week when everyone is busy.

I have most of my check from last week still and will get another tomorrow. I want to just buy the parts and get them in this weekend and pay everything Monday. But my water will go off Monday if the money don’t come. So I can’t do that. I am over done at the bank by almost $400 as well. I just have a mess and getting very little money back.

I am going to get my check when it comes and see how much I have all together and try to work it out from there. I may just ask the owner to borrow it if I can’t make it happen. Just tell him they say Monday but it could be as late as the 28th. But I really need to get on the road. I can show him right on my phone it says it. I just have to wait and see.

I think I will list it for sale and see what I can get for it. If a decent amount then I will sell. If not then I will wait.

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