I have been thinking about deadbeat dad and his boss the last few day. I think I am going to post on fb in some of the groups, does your ex work for company x or owner z? Are you unable to get child support because of it? Does he lie and say he don’t work there? Contact me. Lets see what we can do to get our children what they are entitled to. If we have to sue owner himself over it.

I am also going to post don’t do business with company x if you do not want to support deadbeat dads, because that is what he has working for him. Not only that he helps them lie and get out of paying child support by saying they do not work there. No one can or takes the time to prove different because he don’t pay taxes on his company or take taxes out on his guys because he don’t want to pay comp and things on them or the company.

If it upsets you that your tax money is going to help a single mom because this employer helps these deadbeat dads out of getting them to pay and don’t pay his taxes either. Go to this link print this paper and mail it in to the irs so they can get to the bottom of this. Here is one already filled in so you know what your doing. I am going to say want to help us single struggling moms out even more? When you see these guys out and about at lunch in a yard working or stopped next to you at a light snap a few pictures and send me. This way we have pictures of these deadbeats working so we can go to court and prove it and if IRS would like proof he is working guys how many and things we will have it. Please repost and spread the word.

If and when his boss contacts me and says something to me about it. I am going to tell him you all thought it was funny the last year and a half he has not paid you lied said you fired him and didn’t. Why I have struggled to feed cloth and keep a roof over his kids heads. Now see how you and him like it now that all hell is going to breakout for you two and you two’s budget gets cut and you all have to struggle. He is $9500 in the hole right now. He made a bunch of empty promises last week knowing if he did not follow through i was reporting you and having him locked up and his dl taken. He didn’t seem to think it was going to happen now your in the middle of it all. The only thing going to fix it is if he gets me everything he owes me and then brings me $200 a week. I bet he really does fire him at that point.


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