I really want to get my truck going because I have two jobs to check on. One is a cashiering position at a diner. The lady said the one is open 4/5am to 2pm. That would be perfect because I could be at the other by 3. Make decent between the two.

The other is the car lot. I asked BFf tonight about it. She said go in tell the guy boss sent me and said he maybe looking for help. That is the one that is $400 a week and maybe a car to drive. I could do that and the one I have now too. I really would not have to work the one I am now but I would part time for a month or so until I saved a little up. Once I had at least a few $1000 saved I just do the car lot.

If I don’t end up at the lot and get the one at the diner, I will have to keep both. I really do not want to do that. I just want to do two until I get the money in savings oh and buy birthdays and Christmas. I will buy it early and be done. I was hoping to go check on them Monday but I don’t know if I will have my truck now.


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