Bought the parts for my truck. My bank account is over drew by almost $400. I can not believe it. I should of paid on that but I didn’t. I paid the water so it would not go off on Monday and had enough to make my $50 payment and still have money left for parts. So I went and got them. I have to pick one up tomorrow they had to get it from the store about 40 miles south of us. Said they should have it around noon.

My tax money says it will be here Monday. I hope it is or I am in trouble. It is the only reason I went ahead and got the parts. So I could find someone to put them on not wait another week.

I messaged my “friend” and ask him if I got them if he could put them on Saturday? Hhe said probably Sunday. I said okay and ask if he mind helping me get to and from work this weekend. He said yes if he was able to get tires before I had to be there tomorrow. The ones he has on it are bad he is scared to drive it. The ones he was going to put on there there was a problem with.

I told Sleeping Beaut I was able to get parts. This evening he messaged and ask who was putting them in for me? Told him I wasn’t sure was trying to find someone. He said he would do it for me if I wanted him to. Ask when I was going to do it. I told him I would like to before work tomorrow. He said okay. If he can and will I am going to let him, because I am not sure if my friend is going to get his stuff done and get to it this weekend and I forgot he has is daughter on the weekend. I don’t want him miss time with her working on my truck and not when he just got his going. They are going to want to go have fun I am sure. It will give me a chance to see the other talk some.

I forgot, I was talking to the guy at the store about my truck and selling it. I told him how I listed it as needing work but if you can do it yourself its a good truck and things. I said i got people offering me $1500, an explorer and crap for it. He said what no way. I said yeah. He said they would fix it get $6000 out of it easy. I said I know they act like I am stupid don’t know about the work that needs done or the cost of parts or what the truck is worth. I said but I do. He said no girl that is some low low ball offers even needing work. I said I would scrap it before I give it to someone for that kind of money. I know better. He said I don’t blame you one bit. He said you have all them parts and new tires you got a new truck keep it forget them. I said I know. Probably what I will do.


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