I called and checked on the radiator about 10:15 to see if they had an idea what time it would be here. They said they would have it at 1030.

I hung up and messaged Sleeping Beauty and told him. He said he was going to finish what he was doing and take a show. I told him I was putting clothes in the drier and going to get one too. We talked all night last night until after 4am. So we were both dragging ass I am sure. I messaged him said good morning first he said, it’s a morning lol. I switched clothes around and finally got a shower. I was drying my hair thought it was odd I hadn’t heard from him. It been over an hour because I was so tired I waited until I figured he would be saying he was leaving soon or on his way. But he is about 35 minutes away I knew I have time.

At about 2 hours in he messaged and said I’m not going to make it. I asked why he said some things. I was trying to get out of him why what happen. But he never said. He was really upset telling me he was sorry and things. I am figuring they must of gotten in a fight or something.

We talked some more. He said no one cares he is always alone at home and at work everywhere. How its been this way all his life people say they love him lie. I told him just weed the real friends and family out. You may only end up with a few in the end but thats okay.

He finally said none do, to tell you the truth your the only one.

I told him how I was thinking about moving and really trying to do it really soon. He said go, go get a better life.

We were talking about saving money and jobs all that. He said I would of rent that room from you. I knew when he said his friend wanted it for that girl still he was the one that really wanted it.

Something was said about parts and tools he said he was sorry again. I said it’s not your fault. I should be able to take care of things.

He said all you woman want to be independent but you can’t you always need a man.

I said, really? He said what I’m rite. I said yes and no.

Some didn’t have a choice but to be. It is good to be in some ways. I don’t have to be or want to be in everyway. Trust me i love to have someone to help and to just be with. But it isn’t worth being miserable to have.

I just want to find someone who wants to pick up build from where we are help eachother out. Make sure everthing is taken care of and all needs are met. All the kids are taken care of and have what they need and then work on having the things we want. Work together to make it all happen and live life and be happy.

I have not heard anything from him since. I was called in to work early so its a good thing we didn’t do it or it would of been a huge mess. I was busy all day/night until I got home at 12 something this morning. Its after 230am and I have to be up by 8 shop and out the door by 930 to drop my truck and go to work by 12.

But I messaged him because I forgot, Friday night when we were talking, he said his teeth were hurting. I told him I had some meds he could take to get rid of infections I would give him today. I text and told him I would meet him at work Monday if he still needs them. He did not replied, I figure he not doing good still. I want to meet him talk to him Monday. I may see if he wants to meet for lunch or tell him I will give him a ride home.


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