I am so pissed off with my mother right now. But that really is nothing new. I didn’t get home umtil after 12 am and didn’t get to sleep until after 230. 2 hours earlier than normal I was so tired I could not hold my eyes open. She wakes me up at 430. Then I ask oldest to set her alarm for 8 make sure I woke up because I will sleep through mine when I get like this and can’t sleep then work and wore out on top of it. She comes in there at 730 and says granny said its 730!!! I been awake since. I finally got up about 810 got ready and am now at the store.

I need to leave my house as soon as I get home and let the girls out. So that I can head to my friends house to drop the truck off, pick up the part and tools and get myself to work by 12.

I am so tired, I am sitting here in the truck with Little Bitty trying to keep myself busy and awake. Waiting for oldest to come out of the store. I wanted to leave in 20 minutes but not sure that is going to happen now or not.

I am worried because it calls for a couple special tools to take the water pump on and off. I asked ymy friend if he had them he said if it was same motor as his there should be no problems. This wasn’t his first go around. I know there are other ways to do things I just worry because I need my truck back today and nothing can get broke or not done right and it go down again. I know he isn’t going to do anything to screw me or cut corners and will make sure the job is done right. Unlike boss at the shop where you never know what he is really doing or what. And who don’t care but plays like he does. But I am that way I just worry if there is something there to worry about. If Sleeping Baeuty had never told me there were special tools and to look the list up I wouldn’t of thought twice about it. Now I am over thinking it. I am tired and crabby and stressed and that don’t help because it just makes me think about it more.

Guess I better go oldest just called she is checking out. She will be out in a minute. I may get to leave the house on time.

I am also worried about my friend and what he is thinking in doing this work for me for free. Is he doing it just to be nice and because I have helped him out over the years? Is he doing it because he wants to get together and thinks this will make me want to more? How’s he going to take it if I don’t want to? Is he going to feel I just lead him on to get the truck done? But I don’t think he could think that. We haven’t talked about that since the other week. I guess we will see. Oldest just go in got to get a move on.


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