{July 23, 2018}   Thankful For Friends

I finally got to my friends house a little after 9 yesterday morning. I had no problems getting it there it has held water for days now again. I don’t understand, I know the pump only leaks under pressure so guess that would explain some.

I explained they had toborder the one part and I had no way to pick it up so I needed to go get it. He got his little girl up we went and picked the part up. We stopped on the way back to get gas. She ask for a muffin he told her yes. We all got out went in the store. They had the tea I like in the bottle I like instead of a can. I grabbed one for work and a drink. I asked her if she wanted a drink and told her to go get it. He looked funny said you getting that? I laughed and said of course. He said I wouldn’t care but I only have a few dollars until payday I had pay bills and get stuff for the truck. I said I wouldn’t tell her to get something if I wasn’t going to pay. I ask if he wanted something he said no. We went to pay I paid for it all. It wasn’t that much few dollars.

We got home he said lets see if we can get this started or broke down see what I am getting into. First thing the tools he had were to small for the bolts. I had told him we could get the tools if he wanted. He said he could do it a different way. I told his how ever he wanted to do it it didn’t matter whatever would be the easiest fastest way for him was all I was looking at. When the tool didn’t work, I said lets go to the part store here by your house see if we can get what you need or just rent the tool from them. He said okay. We just rented the tool that it called for and was done.

Me and his little girl was sitting in the truck why he was doing something McDonald’s was right there. I said you want a cheese burger? She said I like nuggets and fries. I said okay. But it was just hit lunch time and they were packed so I didn’t ask him to stop. I did tell him by that point it was so late he had everything he needed he could drop me off at work instead of coming back out in just a few minutes. He said that would be good. We got close to work I ask him stop fast I could grab a sandwich. I ask if he wanted anything he said no. I ordered my food it took them 20 minutes to get me our food. I went ahead got him a burger and fries since I got her something.

He dropped me at work soon as he was out of sight i noticed i had my key for the truck. I had call tell him come back. Then when he picked me up I had to turn and go back because I forgot to send the phones. I was like I messed up I am so sorry. He like its alright don’t worry about it. I just felt so bad everything happen the way it did. But its all good. We went back to his place and talked a while. And things and I went home. It is so nice to have my truck back today. I went and filled it up with gas and went to take care of somethings I needed to take care of. Now it is home to make dinner.

what a great friend he is! I am so glad he came true for you and your truck is now fixed!

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