So I have been thinking more about our cards we were have been dealt. Maybe we are dealt what we are and we may have an uneven hand, but maybe that is because we are not meant to play them alone. Maybe we are trying to play Solitary when we are supposed to be playing Go Fish. Better yet Poker. Yes we are trying to play Solitary in the middle of a Poker Game. Maybe if we stopped being so scared and found the one we are supposed to be with and we shared our hands we would bhave a more balanced hand and be happier. More prepared to Handel the bad times when they come.

I know when I am in a relationship things always seem much easier. It is even what I have been saying lately about just having someone who care. What Sleeping Beauty said we all want to be independent but always need a man.

My reply said it all, most have not chosen to be we have been pushed into it. I would love to have a guy there to help and not have to be so “independent”.

You know what they say we stand in the way of our own happiness. Maybe its just time to stop being scared and take that leap and make ourselves happy and bring that balance to our lives.

Don’t rush out and get with someone just to have them and try to make it work or force it. Don’t struggle in a relationship that you know is time to move on from. Just to have someone or to keep from being a lone. Get away from it all clear your head and decide what you are looking for, what you want and that your not going to settle. Then decide that you are willing to play Solitary in a world that is playing Poker and struggle a little until you find the right one. I did and now i have two that really are great guys but only one is the one. Now i have to figure out what one that is. I am being shown little things more and more everyday. Once you find your one your going to be scarer than you ever have and the more you start to realize he is the one and you have feelings for him you will be even more scared. To the point of wanting to run. But you will be intrigued and drawn back to them at the sametime. Don’t let that one get away. Don’t let another one come along and try to confuse you and get you to share your hand with them.



2 thoughts on “Re: Not In The Cards Of Life

  1. This is definitely a good thought. A romantic relationship isn’t even required as much (though I understand you long for one) but we cannot do much completely without a support system. I like the solitary vs. poker analogy.

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