{July 29, 2018}   5 Year Old Blabber Mouth

You can not say or do anything infront of them you do not want told or repeated. Mine was with me when we seen father of the year.

He tried talking to her I told him to leave her alone not talk to her and lie to her. He was telling her hi and he loved her. Then when he wanted to run away and talking about I will call you tomorrow. I said look I will have you put in jail. Then said I was calling his boss.

We get home the girls went in side. I was still on the phone with the boss sat in the truck. Later oldest said blabber mouth 5 ran in and said mommy said your dad is going to jail and she is talking to his boss now on the phone. Oldest said she noticed she said your dad not daddy or father of the year. I was surprised.

So of course now bitch of the year knows what is going on. I told her it was none of her business. She blah blah this that. I said i got to go walked out and left.

oh no! they do blab don’t they? kids, ya cant say anything in front of them!

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