{July 29, 2018}   The First of When

So I talked to Deadbeats boss yesterday and he said he start giving me $600 the first of every month. He said he could start it as soon as I got him the letter and something about the first of the month.

But sitting here thinking about it now I am not sure if I will get it the first of August or the first of September. With the first being in just a few days. He kind of have to give him the money and take it from his check every month. So he would be paying it then collecting it from him weekly to get paid back. Or if he is going to collect it this month and pay me the first of next. Then it be coming out of deadbeats pocket. I want to ask but feel funny asking. But it would be nice to know when to expect it.

I think I will wait until Tuesday or Wednesday if I have not heard from boss or deadbeat then I will message boss. Just hey wanted to touch base and see if you were able to talk to him how did things go? Wanted to see what to expect or where things are going to go from here. See what he says.

I am going to also ask him about setting up a direct deposit so we do not have to go around in circles trying to meet up and things. This wayway the first it will be there I can pay rent or other bills and things.

thank god you’ll be getting it. im happy for ya. I hope it comes through on the 1st. xxx

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