{July 31, 2018}   contemplate Death

Do you ever contemplate about your own death? Ways, what it be like, how long it would take? Thats the mood I am in right now. I don’t want to and couldn’t but I am over it all. But I don’t know anyway that would be quick and over with feel nothing, that nothing would go wrong it be quick painless and I would know nothing. But there is no way to have that for sure so…

I do too often. I’m worried about you. Are you still in therapy? Do you have someone non judgmental to talk to? You can email me at and I’ll give you my cell if you want. No pressure though. We can text or call to talk.

I am okay, just tired. No I haven’t been going I lost my medical and haven’t applied to get it back. Just something else to take care of and get done. I need to for the kids of nothing else. I am on my way into work right now. I just want to go in amd quit just something else to do. Not making enough to get by or anything else it seems pointless and waste of time.

You know I can relate. Hugs

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