I guess someone called about the grass and I don’t know what else. I haven’t called them back to see but they said some violations. I have nothing else for them to of called on but i am sure they picked the place apart when they came. I am so aggervated. I know it is my fault. I just have not had the money to take care of it. My mower broke and its to big and thick to cut with the one i had. That is why it broke trying to cut this yard with it.

I went to the rental place to try and get one but it cost more than paying someone. My friend has done it a few timez but her mower has a problem she is waiting to get it back. Grass grows so fast here it needs cut all the time it seems like every few days it looks bad.

Something else to deal with and now the management company and owner have been brought into it. That is never good dealing with them. They are so rude and nasty. I am dreading calling them.


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