I got a notice on the door from the management team. I called her back she still has not called me back. Just came and left a notice 7 days to fix or get out.

I posted yesterday for someone to come cut the yard for me. A bunch of people commented but hardly any messaged with a price or a time to look at it give me a price. The few who did wanted $90 or more. This morning a guy messaged said he could cut my yard for me. I sent him the pictures and ask how much. He said $30 so I told him okay. He said he had 2 more yards to do and would come over. He would message me on his way so I could run up and get some money. He messaged said he was on his way. I was about to leave and all of a sudden someone was in my yard mowing.

I had no idea who it was I went out to see. It wasn’t the guy I had been talking to so I wanted to know what was going on. I went out and a guy got out of a little suv on the road came up. It was the guy I had been talking to. I said I didn’t think you were that close. He said it was higher than he thought and things but he would do it for the price still. He didn’t want to go back on it. I figured it go up a little when he got here but he said no.

I ran to the store and come back they ran out to fix a tire and came back. They were out there a while. It still wasn’t done. I didn’t have it but I took him $20 more out because it was a lot more work than I expected it to be with their mower. We started talking he said your a single mom now? (He told me the first time I went out he had cut my yard a few times years ago. He cut the yard across the street cut it sometimes if I had money when they were there.) I told him i was paying someone but I couldn’t anymore I lost jobs and had to put money into the truck and things. That I was looking for another. That we tried to do it but broke the mower it was to thick.

He said look don’t let it get like this again. He said if you don’t have it and it needs cut he said call me. I will message you my number let me know, it needs done and I will make sure it gets done. He said there is no need for you to have to worry about it and stress over it. No reason for a single mom already stressing to struggle more over a yard. He said I have a lady who just keeping bills paid and some food on the table. He said I go cut it and don’t charge her. He said If I can help you in anyway call me I try to if I can.

We talked some more walked up in the yard to see about moving some stuff. He said when was the last time you went on a date? Real date nice night out just relaxing? I laughed and said it has been a while. He said why don’t you let me take you to Red Lobster you can relaxe and have a nice time. I smiled told him i would have to think about it. We did what we were doing, I had to go in I had food on the stove. I took it off went back out.

He was talking about letting him know and coming back to cut it. He ask when I was off again? I told him Monday. He said you have 4 kids? Take them out go to dinner my treat Red Lobster where ever you all want to go. I told him thank you. He said I mean I am going to get a hold of you in a day or two. We talked some more and his friend finished the yard. He said i see you in two weeks. He said maybe sooner I’m going to be talking to you and send you my number so you have it.

All the time we were talking and things he kept saying you need a vacation, you need a night out to relaxe. He a nice guy but he is just a kid. If he is even in his 30s I be shocked. I don’t know why he was talking to me. I was a mess, hair not brushed tossed on shirt and pants. Felt like a bum. Oh lord he just message me something about i need to go out. Im not opening it and reading it right now. I don’t want people see i am online .Others trying to talk to me i dont want to talk to. People i know and dont want to talk.

I forgot right before he left we were sitting on the porch talking. He said he could tell i was stressed and things. I said you see the light at the end of the tunnel only to wake up the next day to find it has been turned out something else has come up that needs taken care of. He said it might be out but there is another one. I’ll be that light for you. If you let me. There is hope things will get better or something like that. I didn’t know what to say or what to make of it. He said I see you later.


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