I messaged my friend tonight to see what he was doing later. He said he was supposed to go see a friend but he had not heard from him. He ask what time and I told him I should be off by 930. He said message him when I was about to get off. He messaged me later ask if I was still coming. I told him yes i would be leaving work around 930 I hoped. I ended up being about 30 minutes late. I messaged told him I was late if he wanted to go to bed that was fine. He said no he was up come over when I got done.

I went over I was surprised when he come to the door lights were off in the front. I went in he pulled me over gave me a hug and thing. He asked how my day was? How work was? How I was doing? He said he was watching a movie in the bedroom. We went back laid down was watching it.

I was tired I have been sleeping more, but not good sleep. I dream all night and feel like I got no sleep. I fell a sleep for a bit. I woke up he had covered me up and was watching the movie.

I laid there for a bit and finally got up and came home. I sat there a few minutes he kind of looked at me couple times. I ask what he said he was falling a sleep too but was trying to watch the end.

I left, normally he will get up check things lock the door. I made sure everything was alright and locked the door as I went out because I figured he would fall a sleep befofe the movie was over.

I was talking to Bff later she asked how our talk went. She knew I was going over to talk. I told her we didn’t get to talk. But how he met me at the door wanting to know everything. Then when I fell a sleep he covered me up let me sleep. She was like wow nice. Saying I need to let him move in. I laughed and told her I didn’t know. She said she did that I needed to let him that I need a good guy at home.

But there is still the fact that we are way off base with eachother on wants and needs in areas. I said to her why coulvdn’t we be looking more for the same things in a relationship. It was nice it felt he cared. But still felt like he isn’t the one. I just really don’t know.


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