Why do I feel this over powering feeling of needing to be with someone after all this time? I didn’t date or talk to guys for 4.5 years or more and was fine with it. I would have times of feeling lonely or that it would be nice to be with someone once in a while. But it didn’t last, it was the normal lonely for the day or whatever feeling.

Its been different lately, lately its like it is a need more than a want if that makes since. But I still not just rushing to be with just whoever to have someone. I know I don’t need or have to have someone to be happy. But I feel like such a large piece is missing or this void in my life.

I keep thinking about what my friend said about just find a decent guy and let everything else work it’s self out or that it would.

Sleeping Beauty saying we all want to be independent but always need a guy.

Both basically saying the same thing really. Maybe they are right maybe it wasn’t what I needed in the past, but what I need at this point. Like I said in my post In The Cards of Life or re The Cards. Maybe I need to just slow down and stop worrying about having everything straight before I meet someone or what.

I just don’t like the way I feel about it all.


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