Every since I received the message asking if I could deliver pizzas again and I said yes the dread has started setting in. I hate doing it, I can’t see at night, i get lost, it gives me no days off but Monday. It takes away more time with the kids more time they sit alone taking care of themselves and dealing with the bitch.

I don’t make that much but right now every dollar helps.

For some reason this one street keeps coming to mind every since she asked. I don’t know why. It bothers me that it does. I have only ever been there once maybe twice. It is mostly given to me because the other drivers don’t want to go there. It is the worse street in town the cops do not even go unless they have to and then they go in groups. They tell me its worse in the day than night but i dont work days so I don’t know. I know I am the only one that make tips from down there. I just don’t know why it keeps popping in my head when i only been there once or twice in all the time i been there. I don’t like it, it is not a good feeling.

When I get down there they come out from no where all around my truck and infront of it trying to get you to stop. Its a dead end. I have to go almost to the end to even turn around and head out if i needed to get out i really cant. I would have to back out hope i could.

I never really thought twice about going down there. The first time I was worried because they were not sure my truck would fit down there and be able to get turned around. That was all i was worried about at the time. Now it is different.


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