What we can’t have? Or what isn’t ready for us or maybe good for us? Like Sleeping Beauty, he isn’t ready, he is working on hisself and still not over his ex. Even thought he hints around and things.

Why does life let us meet people and fall for them if they are not both ready for eachother? He is where I was 5 years ago when I decided to work on myself. We didn’t know eachother then that was good. But now we have and he has decided he needs to work on him and not date. He isn’t over the ex has to get over her. I’m ready he isn’t if he wasn’t ready why life put him here in my path? Why did I meet my ex who was killed when I did? We had good times but would of had a better chance at making it had we been older. When we were our paths only crossed when one or the other wasn’t able to do anything.

I just want to find someone and be happy. But is that even possible anymore? Are we meant to find someone to be with from now on anymore? Or are we meant to just be for the here and now or until something better comes along? I don’t think I can go for that and do for that. Think I would rather be alone.


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