I talk to Sleeping Beauty a little tonight while I was delivering pizzas. I had to deliver one a few doors away from where he was staying before he came here. I said I am in your old hood. He said really? I said yep at 6. He said thats right by x. I said yeah I know. I got busy didn’t say anything else. He was on his way home figured he was going to get cleaned up and eat relaxe.

I got off I messaged and ask what exciting plans he had for his birthday? He said nothing yet, but he was beat he had to get some sleep. I said okay told him goodnight. He was probably already laying down it was about 10. I know he goes between 9/10 when he is there. Sometimes he is up later but he been working a lot to and out in the heat.

I am thinking about asking him if he wants to go do something for his birthday. It is my one day I will be off if I keep doing pizzas. I just say I got called in to the other job. They know I do and that I don’t get off until late. It would not be that late anyways because he has to work the next day.

I don’t know what to suggest, niether of us drink really and there isn’t a lot of things around here to do. Ask him if he wants to go to the beach like he said the other night. He probably say get the hell out of here with the beach lol. Where we went all time before.

I just figured it be nice to offer to do something if no one has. I know he has mixed feelings about it and with all that is going on off and on.

I think I will ask him tomorrow see what he says. I’m tell him stay out of trouble this weekend too being his bday weekend. Not to go do anyrhing stupid or getting all depressed. His mom and them may have plans too he don’t know about. Guess we will findout.

Maybe it will give us a chance to talk and things too.


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