Sleeping Beauty has been on my mind the last few days. I have not talked to him since the 25th if last month. I got off work early to night and went for a drive. Something kept saying message him. I wasn’t going to, I was going to wait until Monday and do it for his birthday. But I decided to go ahead and do it.

I said hey then ask if he was okay? I was kind of surprised he answered. He said he was. I told him I was making sure I hadn’t heard from him and asked if something was wrong? He said no he was trying to get through all the bullshit in his life. I told him I understand that. I don’t know why he took it as a bad thing. He said he didn’t mean it in a bad way toward me. I didn’t take it that way at all. I told him. He said his aunt went away for a week and that him, his mom and her husband had a blast. But when she got back home it is back to the same old bullshit. I was glad to hear he was having fun or what. I was surprised too because he normally complains about her husband don’t like him and he is complaining he bitches all the time. He must of had fun because he told me right away. I figure thats part of the reason i have not heard from him. Who knows what all they were doing plus working. Whatever else is going on he was talking about.

I was headed to the boat ramp but it was still closed when i got there. It had storm damage last year and they have not open it up yet. I use to go there and sit all the time. He said yeah it was still going to be a while before they open it. I said guess I should of stayed beach side went out there. He said that sounded nice right now. I asked him if he wanted to go? He said it was to late. I knew it was but figured he might. I said I knew. He said if it was around 7 I would.

I ask him how his moms husband was, he one sick with cancer they can’t treat. He said okay for now. He ask if I knew what Monday was? I said your birthday? Right? He said 45. The other day he said 46. I thought that was wrong. Maybe he hit the six instead of the five. It was the one day he was really upset and things. After that he said he was going to try to go to sleep. I said okay goodnight. I am sure he is probably surprised I knew it was his bday we haven’t really talked about it or anything.


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