Sitting here waiting on my oldest to get out of the store. It looks like it is about to pour and it is thunder and lightening already. I dropped her at the door told her call me when she comes out I will pull around and pick her up.

I have to go to work at 5 until close so that could be 1130 or it could be 1/130. I may see if the other girl wants to close shebgets off at 10. I have to be back there early in the morning. I don’t have my work shirt on so I am sure something will be said about that. I can’t help it we only have two and one was ruined with bleach at work. The other I didn’t get washed for today after getting home late. I didn’t fall a sleep until 3 or after but when I did I slept for a change. I slept long amd hard. I woke up about 11, I guess. I have been lazy still just relaxing. I am trying to get the stuff we need so I can head to work. I will be early but traffic has been bad and if it storms I don’t want to be stuck in that. I won’t be to early anyway so I will probably be able to clock in get a little extra time. I am probably at 40 hours now I haven’t even looked to see. Not my problem I just worked what was asked and okayed by my boss. He will have to take the backlash on that.

I am loving the breeze right now. There is no sun to be seen and its so nice out. I think its still in the high 80s low 90s. It won’t last long probably.

Bff called me this morning that is what woke me up or I would of slept longer I am sure. She said she went to get gas and father of the year was at the pump beside her. Said he wasn’t happy at all. She said she thinks he must of been working be was in what looked to be a work truck and was filling gas cans. she said maybe he is going to start paying you and had to start working Saturdays so he can. I said good don’t feel sorry for him at all. I am working 6 days a week and 11/13 hour days some times he don’t care. Whatever he has to do to pay his part just like I have had to all this time. I have not heard from his boss since he said it was all going to work out so I do not know what to expect. I am just waiting to see if he gets a hold of me on the first or what. I am not holding my breath or counting on it until I get it.


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