{August 21, 2018}   3:00 A.M. Thought

I was sleeping good until the bitch came and woke me up over 30 minutes ago. Now I am laying here with a 1001 thoughts going through my head and I don’t even know why.

I have thought about the pervert living across the street. Why is he there? Why would they let him back? Why is he allowed to live 3 houses from the school?

I have thought about Father of The Year and am I really going to get money from him on the first? Why won’t the state nail it to him like they do these other guys and make him get a job and pay? I have not heard from them in about a month so I have no idea what is going on. I really do need that money. I need it this week not next but Iwill wait and make do. I just hope it comes.

I have thought about Sleeping Beauty because I have not heard from him today. I don’t know what it is everytime I think about him I just feel this need to pray for him.

Of course I have been thinking about the Bitch and wanting her out of my house now. Not in a month or few weeks I just want her out. I am so tired of the way she does and acts. Today something was said about child support and I said they won’t help me and things. She of course starts telling me how it is my fault!! Something else I have no control over she tells me it is my fault why it is the way if is. I tell her no this is what they told me she still telling me no its me i didn’t this or that. I tell her i did so then i didn’t I am lying of some other reason it is my fault. Bitching about everything here when how to clean it. Then why it dont get done. It dont get done because she bitches and demands. And does nothing its not her house. I am just waiting for the 13 of the month and the first. If I start getting child support and she dont do something about this ssi by the 13th and get out she is gone. I will take the money and file an eviction against her, come the first of October when I get money again. Maybe sooner if i can take care of things before then.

ug I hate a racing mind. im sorry you had a lot going on in your head then. I hope you were able to go back to sleep eventually. xxx

I did off and on after that and a little after I took the kids to school.

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