{August 26, 2018}   Tips

Last night I got a $10 and a shot of Vodka for tips. We had two guys come in and they were early so they said they were going to walk over to the liquor store to get a drink was that okay. The girl working with me told them as long as they were capable they could take drinks in. I said oh your going to the liquor store you have to share. One said something about getting a coke or something. I said oh forget it you don’t have to share that. I was joking we joke all the time with customers about all kinds of things.

In a little bit I come out and they are back. I go sit down and the other girl picks up a bag and goes lets see what this is and opens it. She tossed me one of the little $1 or $2 bottles of shots you can buy. The one guys like i had them stickbit in a bag and all trying to be descreat and yall just tossing it back and forth. We were like yeah don’t really have to hide things here lol.

Later we had a group of brothers and their wives. They were all late but one group and then they were just giving eachother shit and messing aroud dead leg and anything else you can think of. You thought we had a group of 12 year old little boys not grown men. But everyone was just joking around cutting up having a good time, so it wasn’t bad. The girl working with me went to take a picture for them before they got started. The one grabbed her put his arm aroumd her as they were walking and handed her $20. We split it.

Most I have gotten is an offer to bring me dinner one night, I said no. We thought we were getting tip from a big church group we had in yesterday but they didn’t. You never know really most people don’t then you get the few that will but it isn’t offten. It is the one’s you wouldn’t expect would tip you are the ones who do. The one’s you think would don’t. Like the large church group that showed up late and cheated and we made arrangements for them gave them discounts and everything. Or the birthday party that you go out of your way and set everything up and clean up when it isn’t something we offer and they know it. Really in the situations like that had I been the church group or party I would of tipped. The guys who brought the shot we were truely joking with and never thought they would. But it ws nice. The group of brothers had it been me i wouldn’t of thought to tip. I don’t think a lot of people do. Just on a general outing at most places i don’t think to tip.

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