{August 28, 2018}   10:30 pm Fight Begains

I can not wait until she is out of my house, it seems so close yet so far away. She better not stop it or put it off and she better have everything she needs done and in because it is going to get very ugly here once the 13th passes. I am telling her whatever happens no matter what it is good bad or other wise she has to get out by the 13 of October. That will give her a month from her date to figure something out. I plan to tell her before then so she has over a month. After tonight she will probably be told tomorrow before work.

Her and my 13 year old the one with autism just had a huge fight. She demanding and pushing telling him to do stuff when how she says what. He was ignoring her and got back on the computer then was telling her to shut up. None of it is her business to tell him or have a say in. Then she comes in here having a fit how he is talking to her and show her some respect and everything. I called him in here he is melting down freaking out to throw her out make her leave and everything telling her no one wants her here .

I did tell him to go to bed but because its late he is to worked up. She told him he can’t play the game for x days. Thats going to be another fight tomorrow. I dont care if he plays. Its not her house her rules or say. So she flip out over that all hell will breakout I am sure probably why I am at work.

I can’t wait for her to be out we can all get life back to normal. I can pick my house up rearrange it get it back to the way it should be. We have let so much go with her here because no one cares but her no one cares what she thinks or how she wants things. You cant touch anything to do anything without her trying to dictate how you do it and trying to fight if you don’t. So we just not been doing more than what has to be done forget the rest let her deal with living in it. Because really its nothing to normal person but her its the end of the world.

Not looking foward to the next 40 some days at all.

ug, sounds absolutely awful for all of you. good luck tellingher xxx

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