{August 28, 2018}   Re:Need Advice

Haven’t talk to Sleeping Beauty today. We talked some last night he messaged me. Ask didn’t I see him flashing his lights at me earlier.

Me and oldest were making our store run and we stopped at the little store first. We came out I went down the back way that I never go to go to the other store. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went that way. We got to the end of the street and stopped a car went by there was a truck coming. I thought it had it’s flasher on to turn so I turned out infront of it. As I did I noticed it had its flashers on it was towing a car it was going straight. But there was still more than enough time and room for me to have went. So no big deal I came out infront of them. They started flashing their headlights at me. I said to oldest why are they doing that? She said I don’t know. I said maybe because I got infront of them oh well i had time and room. Then I said I think that is x’s truck from the shop isn’t it. She said she wasn’t sure. I said I think so thats probably why just messing around. Never thought of it being sleeping beauty he normally honks.

When he massaged and said that I knew what he was talking about. I told him what I thought. I sent him a picture my hair i told him the other week I was getting it done then didn’t. He said nice it looked good. I had ask him if his aunt had moved the night before he never replided. He told me last night she did. He said it was nice no fighting or bitching. Other than that we didn’t talk much.

Tonight about 6 something I ask him when we were going to go for that walk? He never said anything. Later I told him I need his opinion on something. He still not answered. I seen he read about the walk it don’t say about the other. Figure he is busy or something. I hear from him tomorrow maybe.

I am going to ask him what he is scared of why he don’t want to go after wanting to twice before and saying the one time he would but it was late. Im still not happy that Friday got messed up. That was my fault.

I figure he going want to know what I want his opinion on. I am just going tell him its to much for text it would be better in person. He probably going to ask why him? I am just going tell him I need unbiased advice and everyone else is to close to the matter. And that he is kind of dealing with the same thing in reverse of me. Might see if he wants to go to dinner Friday.


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