{August 31, 2018}   A Little Bit of Everything

Right now I am sitting at work waiting on 2pm to get here so I can run around and pay bills. I haven’t heard from Father of the Years boss yet but figure I will this evening or tomorrow. I thought about just showing up there about 8 am this morning when I knew they were all meeting to go out and work. But I didn’t, I am trying not to pester the boss, be a bitch or seem like I am just trying to stir the pot or start trouble. Plus they haven’t gotten checks yet today if he was going to take out for this week he may not of yet. I figure I will just wait to see if he contacts me this after noon. If I do not hear from him by this evening or in the morning I will contact him before I come to work because I have a lot to pay out this weekend.

The good thing is I think I can get all my bills paid down to a $0 balance. I just do not know how it is going to work with my hours being cut at work now. Again everytime I get things lined up that we might get ahead something happens to I am just treading water to stay floating again.

I have to go pay on my guns, go to the school board about the older two kids schooling and see if I can get someone to look at the truck check the transmission fluid. I hope to meet up with Starfish get him to do it. If not Bff said to stop by the shop and ask this one guy there to check it for me. I was supposed to yesterday but didn’t. I didn’t really go anywhere and I really don’t want to go up to the shop and deal with them. The one guy she said to ask is okay but I don’t want to deal with the owner and the rest of it. He is just getting in more and more over his head. The repo guy he was working with isn’t happy with him they aren’t talking anymore. Him and Bff were talking the other day about things he was saying how he isn’t doing things right and he is going to get in trouble. He asked her if he has a drug problem and things as well. Told her she better watch out for her and her kids. I said see you are being told by how many people now that things are not right and watch out for you and the kids and get things set for you and them. Sleeping Beauty has told her since all the shit went down at the shop almost a year ago, the guys there now the one that was staying with them have been talking to her telling her things and that things are not right, now this guy is telling her. She needs to listen. The repo guy telling her he is going to go to jail if he keeps on messing with the people he is and doing the things he is.

Now she has taken this baby in and has him until December at the earliest and like I told her probably a lot longer. She says once he goes, but she always has some excuse and never does anything. I just hope nothing cares over to home from what he is doing and these people he is messing with.  The kids don’t go to the shop anymore. I think that he is the reason I did not get the job at the repo place as well. Then findout from the repo guy the guy at the car lot is into crap and rips people off all the time. Glad I didn’t leave my job here to go there. At least at the office I had nothing to do with dealing with any of the going on there. I just filed and cleaned. The repo guy told Bff that boss keeps saying he needs someone to work in the office up there she said I don’t see why hebhasn’t called you everything was fine with you then out of the blue he didn’t need you. She said the repo guy told her he told him he come help him and he won’t let him. Said he don’t want him to because he see all that is going on that shouldn’t be. I said that is why he don’t want me up there because he don’t want me telling you things.

We were talking about him being hooked on pills and things. She said he came home at 5 had dinner laid on the couch slept through everything got up about 10 or 11 and went got in bed and slept until like 7 the next morning. She was saying that isn’t right and things. I said it sounds like more than pills to me. Samething the other done when he was at my house. Gone come home got in bed slept all day all evening until I woke him up had no clue what time it was nothing. Laid back down went back to sleep soon as he was done doing what needed to be done. I know it wasn’t pills he was doing.

I told her yes he may have needes the pills when he got hurt he may still have some problems and need them. But he is now hooked and can’t do without them and sounds like from what others are saying and the way she says he has been acting he is moved on to other things. I said to her I am sure he didn’t set out to get hooked no one does. But it is way to easy to do and they give them away way to easly when you get hurt.

I could very well be in the same spot he is in right now or worse from when I got messed up in my accident I had before I had my 3rd baby. Everywhere I went they gave me two or three bottels of pills and all said if you need more just come back. I couldn’t take them and work or take care of the kids so I took them maybe once or twice a year. Had I taken them like they said I been hooked too. They hand them out like candy here. Then wonder why we have such a problem.

2 more hours to go I hope the owner gets here soon and writes checks because I need my money so i can pay bills today and buy food. Most the time he is here before now. I don’t see them here like he did them yesterday.

I have two older ladies locked in a room right now they are so funny. I have never had to go in a room so much to help. They keep saying you just stay right here wait a minute lol. By the time I get back up here to my desk they are calling me.

scary that that guy is hooked on the pills. its so hard to get pain pills here. the pharmacys ask a bazillion questions if you go buy something with codine in it. doctors wont give you strong pills if they can help it. i’m glad. xo

Here they hand them out like candy and then they get hooked. Then like him they go to buying them off the street. People hooked on pills here is so bad it is everywhere.

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