{August 31, 2018}   Went To Bed Early

By 7:43pm me and the little ones were climbing into bed. By about 8:10 we all had went to sleep. I slept until about midnight and woke up. But went right back to sleep in a few minutes. It is now a little after 3 and I have been up an hour. The bitch woke me up again. She really has to go really soon. I can’t have her here no more. I just want her gone I don’t care how or what has to happen as long as she gets out. We got in an argument today I got mad i finally told her just forget it she wasn’t worth fighting with over it. She got mad then but oh well I don’t care.

I don’t know why I can’t sleep probably because I am mad at her and because my chest hurts. My heart hurts, I know it is stress and anxiety. I also have starfish on my mind for some reason. I haven’t talk to him since Monday or Tuesday. Hadn’t really thought about it but for whatever reason he been right there since I woke up this time. I noticed it been awhile since I talk to him. Oh well I hope he is okay. I am going to call him tomorrow when I get off. I want him to check my truck out if he has a minute. Think it needs transmission fluid. I hate messing with that in this truck, the way it is set up I have a hard time. I figured I ask him check it out and see.

Guess I should try to get these last 4 hours sleep before I have to start my day.

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