{September 3, 2018}   Why am I Made To Feel Like The Bad Guy

So it is the 3rd I have not heard from Father of The Year or his boss. I finally messaged his boss and asked if I could meet up with him. He said yes, we were both out and about so we met up at the little store. He gave me the money and it was $50 short. I ask him about it he said he thought that was what we agree to and blah blah. I said no it is on the paper. He said look at it let him know. I sent it to him again after I left it has the date and everything on it.

He called me back later of course I had the kids in the car. Said they had agree to what he gave me that by time his rent comes out and truck what he gives me he only has about $200 a week. I said well you know that is on him he decided to not pay all this time and get behind. I said I am lucky to bring home $600/$800 a month and I have 5 people to take care of. He said 5? I said me and 4 kids 3 are his.

I said I already am giving and compromising enough because he is supposed to pay half of all their medical bills, half of their clothing, school supplies and anything else they need as well. So yes he needs to pay what was agreed to and put in the letter. I said and for that matter he is supposed to be paying for a baby sitter every weekend that he don’t have them. I said he is supposed to have them Friday until Monday if he don’t he is to pay a sitter if one is needed. I said but instead my 14 year old is forced to do it every weekend for free that isn’t right.

He said well he didn’t know about all that and he knows what he has and all this and it be this way or something. He was going to talk to them again and things. I said well you know like I said it could be costing him a lot more than the little he is forced to give. Because if I go to court they are going to make him pay this plus half of everything else.

Then he started about he wants to know when he could see the kids. He wants me to drop them off at the park with him and his new wife. I said my kids already told him they do not want to be around her and want nothing to do with her. I said and no one has ever said he could not see them. I said he has been able to see them whenever he wants he decided not to. I said June or July he seen my oldest in the store ran and hid then promised her he was going to come see her he was going to start paying and that they would see him on their terms not his it was up to them. I said the weekend came and went he never called or showed. Weeks later when we seen him same thing he couldn’t talk he get a hold of her this weekend. He never did no one seen or heard from him and that was over a month ago when I talk to you that first day.

He says he made the comment he wanted to see them if you bring them to the park and he wants to talk to them. He wants them to accept her that is his wife now and things. I said the way she did them and me they want nothing to do with her. But they will see him. I said and this does not need to go through a 3rd party he needs to come to me set this up not this back and forth with a third party. He said I think you scare him and intimidate him. Bah ha ha. I said well he needs to grow up act like an adult and if he wants to see them pay what he is supposed to and then contact me himself and set up to see them.

All this it is like I am being looked down upon and just want his money. They act like I just want it to go out and party on and blow. Like I told him every penny of it goes to the kids. It isn’t going anywhere else. But then I am made to feel like I am wrong for expecting him to pay his part so kids have what they need and want.

This right here all of it is 100% why I have not bothered with trying to get anything from him. Its just run around after run around. Then he is going to start and force them to see him and have her there. Try to force them to go over there.

If I had thought of it I told him he had an option to get it of it all. He can give up all his rights and keep all his money. But he don’t want to. I compromised by taking the amount we agree to and now he wants to cry over $50. No done.

My sixteen year old said today if his dad really loved them he’d take them when he’s suppose to… Makes me mad and sad. So I can relate.

My 14 year old said we don’t want to go to the park meet us at outback or one of the other stake houses like him and his new wife are seen in all over twon all the time. He can take her they should rank as good be treated the same. Kids aren’t stupid but they act like I am telling them to say they don’t want to be around her I’m not.

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