{September 7, 2018}   So Much To Say but Can’t

My mind has been racing like crazy today about anything and everything. I have so many thoughts and things that I am trying to figure out and want to talk about and I just can’t seem to get them straight and put into words.

I am sitting here at work have been for 3 hours now. Haven’t had a phone call or person walk in yet and nothing on the books tonight at all. I have 4 more hours to go and then nothing really to do but bring chairs and tables in shut everything off and lock up.

I am getting a few extra hours tonight but then I am not working tomorrow night so that kind of cancelles everything out. I got here and the boss and the other girl I was supposed to work with was here. Boss said she didn’t really want to close if I wanted to I could pick up extra hours or I could go home because I wasn’t needed. I told him that was fine I would take the extra hours and close tonight because I didn’t know if I was going to make it in tomorrow or not. He said that was fine because we both were not going to be needed tomorrow anyway. One of us would of been called and told not to come in. Most likely her because she leaves early Saturdays and I close. They don’t send the closer home. So we basically just ended up trading days we close because we both would of been cut hours with me going home not working today her not being called in tomorrow. I was here already set to work and nothing to do tonight anyway. So why not let her go do what she wanted with her family and I can do what I want to do tomorrow. I just said I had personal things going on with dealing with ex’s and things. I didn’t know how tomorrow was going to go and there for didn’t know if I would make it in or not. Kind of true kind of not. I may still have to meet with ex tomorrow with the kids. And that could turn out bad and is going to be a lot of stress no matter what. I have been dealing with a lot of stress with everything going on I need a break. And I hope if we end up going out to talk and get some advice.

Boss said he had some days this month he was going to need some help he was going to need me for sure a few days. He said unless you get another job then I understand that you have to be there and honer that first. I said honestly i have been doing interviews this week I have one that I may start in the next week or so. If I do it will be Mon-Sat 9 to 6. He said then you probably are not going to want to keep your Sunday. I said probably not but I have to take it because it is good pay. He said no I understand and you have to do what you have to do for you and your family. He said please just let me know as soon as you do and get with me about working out if you still want to stay on once in a while here. Just do on call in the evening now and then or something like that or what. I told him okay.

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