{September 12, 2018}   Guy Friends

Today I was doing something and I started thinking about friends and guys that I am friends with. I started thinking about how everyone says you can’t be friends with guys or assumes that your doing something with them if you are. They just do not know how you can be friends and it not cross a lines into more.

I was thinking about it and how do I have so many guy friends and haven’t crossed that line with them. I thought about what makes them different?

For me in jr. High and high school the people I was close to and hung out with the most were guys. I would have one sometimes two girls that I was just as close with but that was about it, compared to 10 or more guys I would talk to and hang out with. I think we were able to hang out and be close because they were not my type at all. I wouldn’t consider anything more with them but friends. They knew and most I wasn’t their type or what they were looking for either. We were more like brother and sister truly than anything. Then there were a few others that I dated and it didn’t work out and we still stayed friends. When it was all said and done we were better as friends and were not interested in more either.

Like now in the last year there are about 8 or so guys I have been talking to or talked to. Some I knew right away it wouldn’t be more than friends if anything. Others I was interested in but once I got to know them wasn’t in that way anymore. Then a few we just ended up talking by accident i didn’t have feelings one way or the other. Now I would like more but either way is okay with me because I don’t want to lose the friendship.

For me what seems to work best when it comes to friends of the opposite sex is ones that are not my type. If they are if you respect yourself and set boundaries they will do the same if they are true friends. I don’t know why I am not friends with more guys who are my type but it just don’t seem to work that way.

935sanah says:

I have guy friends who are like my own brothers. They are respectful, honest, helpful and trustworthy.
Trust-that is very important.

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