Not A Holiday

Sorry this is so late but I had to think about this and how to word it and get across what I am talking about. I still am not sure that it is going to come out right in the end. But I am going to try. I ask you all if you felt that the 11th being a holiday in, 9/11 Holiday or Not. Thank you to the two people who replied.

One said maybe in the states that were apart of the attacks like NY.

The other said yes to honor the lives that were lost and the people who worked so hard to save people and all that.

I do not feel that it should be a holiday, I feel that it is going to have more mening to the terrorist who done it than to the memory of the ones who lost their lives.

I feel that making it a holiday they are going to feel like yeah we got them they close everything in order to remember what we did to them. Where as if we keep going life as normal but take the time to still remember what happen sends a bigger message. That they are not going to stop us we are not going to dwell on what they did but we will remember the lives that were lost. Does that make since? Like okay you all stopped everyones lives for the day and some for weeks, months or longer. You took some lives forever. We are not letting you stop them over and over but we we aren’t going to forget the lost lives either. We are going to live and celebrate their lives.

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