{September 17, 2018}   Work Truck is Back

So today Bff had a birthday party for the baby. I was early she was on her way home so me and the kids rode around a little. I went by father of the years house on my way to bff’s house. They are just a few blocks apart. As we came up I noticed his truck was gone but the work truck was there. Any other time it is gone and his is there.

I am wondering if he had to give the other truck back since he wasn’t taking that much home a week. It sure is sad when all you have left after rent, child support and your truck is paid for the month is $800. NOT!! Don’t feel bad for him at all. But it really in the end still is more in his favor than buying the other. Now he isn’t making a truck payment, car insurance payment, paying wear and tear parts, and probably not gas either. But I also know he can’t stand it that he don’t have his own vehicle. He was so mad when he was running work trucks all the time and never drove his own but had to get rid of it. When it was gone he flipped out he never be able to get another blah blah. But then got one and turned around and gave it away for $500 and hasn’t been able to get one since.

Oh well what goes around comes around. He deserves everything he gets and then some.

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