{September 21, 2018}  

Last Saturday me and the girl who works with me were talking. I told her I was looking for a new job. She said if I left she was leaving too. I was mad but did not say anything. Her reason was because they would want her to pick up my hours and she can’t. But I can do mine and pick up hers. But she wasn’t leaving unless I did. I have been thinking about it all week and wanted to say something to the owner but hadn’t. Because I don’t want to be that person but at the sametime I like my job for the most part. I just decided not to say anything becauze I plan to stay unless I just find something that pays a lot more, has better hours and days off and closer to home. Plus I was planing to work both until I banked some money and got caught up if I was able to work them around eachother.

Tonight she called and said she was giving her two week notice she got a new job. So I will be able to pick up a few more hours. I am still trying to find something with better hours, more pay, closer to home and things. I still work both if they are willing to work with me for a while once I find something. I am going to tell them I want to pick my days and hours before anyone new is hired. They can have what is left.

Good thinking! Pick your hours first! That will be good if you can do it!

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