{October 31, 2018}   No Trick or Treating

We are not going this year. I am not into it and do not want to spend almost $150 on costumes. They are only going to be used a few hours to collect candy that is going to lay in the pantry until Christmas or New Years before it gets tossed out. The costumes will just be tossed around never seen or used again.

I am going to get paid from both jobs on Friday I think I should have enough left to take them to the fair Monday or Tuesday. I can’t afford to do both and the fair they will have way more fun at. We spend hours 3 or 4 there sometimes. Kids can run from one ride to the next with no lines. If they don’t want to get off they can stay and go again.

I was talking to Sleeping Beauty yesterday and he said something about trick or treating. I said we weren’t going. He said what no you got to take them come on now. I told him about taking them to the fair. He said oh and that was a good idea. He said he wanted to go but no one wanted to. I told him come go with us he said he was. We will see.

I hope I can swing it. I probably will not be playing games or buying a ton of food but they have fun just riding. It is nice because everyone pays to get in then ride all the rides you want and watch the shows for free.

We went the last two years, last year we went with BFF and her family. I did the bullriding lol. Lord I forgot about that, I will have to make sure to have enough for the kids to do that too. RC started it with oldest and now the other kids want to now they are older. She does it every fair we go to now. I will have to challenge Sleeping Beauty lol. This might get interesting ha ha.

{October 31, 2018}   Love My New Job

I love my new job so far, I don’t think it could get any better. One of the owners was there when I got there he had opened up and everything.

He showed me how to use square our pos system. Where the safe was to drop the money at the end of the night, where finished work was and where to put in coming work. He gave me sheets they made up for me to write down where I call and what they say. He said the desk, file cabinet all this it is all yours do what you have to in order to make your job easy for you. He said make a list of things you need as you think of it or come across things we will get them. He said if you have a different way or better way to do things or figure a way out that is better let us know set it up there no problem. He ask if I like it warmer or cooler told me to ajust the air however. He called me in there later he showing me the radio, he said it hooks with bluetooth to the phone put whatever on.

He would pop in and tell me different things here and there or call me and show me things. He said be needed to go to the store was I alright there to handle things. I was on a good roll working I said it be fine. Why he was gone I set an appointment for today in our county just north of us. I called and ask him first since I knew they didn’t want to go far leave me alone to long. He said yeah it was fine.

In a little while he said well you seem to be fine I am going to go to lunch. Ask if I needee or wanted anything.

While he was out the other owner came in he was telling me different things and asking if he told me about this or that?

I had laid my purse and jacket on the table behind my desk. He said there are hooks in here for your jacket purse and anything like that you need to hang up. I said oh okay. He said you know what I’m just going to put you some hooks in there somewhere to hang your stuff on. I don’t if you want your purse and things like that, that far away from you. I said no, don’t worry about that in there is fine. I said it’s not that far away and there isn’t anything I am really worried about in it anyway. There isn’t anyone here going to mess with it. He said are you sure? I told him yes.

It is in the back of the shop customers can’t get to it they are not allowed back that way because of all the knives, blades, tools and things to sharpen them. I don’t think I have to worry about either of them or his dad messing with it. They are federal police for goodness sakes.

He came in and sat down for a bit and I was making phone calls trying to get appointments lined up for Thursday.

I googled salons in that area then went to trip planner used our first stop as my starting point then was able to load 25 other salons in. From there I let it plan the trip so that it would put them from closes to furthest away. Just went down the list it made and called them.

I had a lady say yes she wanted them to stop by why they were in the area that she had 3 people needing services. I look to see what time they should be leaving their stop and the travel time. I told her we could be to her around X time on that day.

I hung up the owner said did you just tell her what time we would be there? I said yes was I not supposed to? I explained to him I went down the travel list or what. He said no that is great, so and so never done that. She would ask them what time they wanted. I said but if I do that it messes everything up. He said no your right if they don’t have a problem with the time you offer that is great and works perfect.

Later the other owner came in and they were talking. I called them over to the computer to show them how the day lined up and that I only had 2 more added for that day the times I allowed for each stop and travel time and ask if they wanted me to set anymore. They said no that worked good. The one told the other she just tells them we have you for this time or that and puts it in they take it. He was like really thats great. I had shown him how I was mapping everything out and things. He like I am loving this I don’t have to worry about anything everything is working out really good so far.

I am glad they are happy, I messed up a few things but I went back and fixed it right away customers where okay and didn’t get mad. I had told her the first time we were talking I was new it was my first day I had just started. She was really nice about it and it taking a little longer.

The other mess ups were my personal with things I was doing and trying to figure out the best way to do things. I don’t even think they knew or would of cared. I have to work on Friday and Monday tomorrow.

I have been making list of things I need to talk to them about tomorrow.

The one that open with me this morning said what did you think when a sharpening shop contacted you?

I said I really did not think anything of it. I said I have done a little bit of everything. I said I did bailbonds for 3.5 yrs, worked in a transmission shop for a year filing and cleaning. I said so yeah working in different not your everyday kind of places. He said oh yeah and that’s good.

I do like working places like that. The bailbonds was great it was all family I was the only one that wasn’t they ever had. My two bosses the owners there were guys. At the shop I know them they are like my family. This has been a family ran place and now the mom is sick and can’t anymore. I met the dad today really nice probably in their 60’s maybe 70’s. So now they are needing the help. It is nice working for places like that because they treat you like a person and they appreciate you and what you do.

I like that I pretty much work on my own not dealing with a bunch of other employees. Honesty having guys for bosses to me is easier than a women. Its probably horrible to say but it is true. Most everywhere I have worked I had guy bosses. I think maybe too because I just get along with guys easier.

I think after I get settled in, things arranged, running smooth and we all get to know eachother better about asking them if I can learn the rest of what they do as well. Its the two owners and the dad. But the mom is really sick lots of doctor’s visits and things. The dad is going to have to go with her and things, plus he is pretty elderly himself. It could be of benefit to them to teach me that part as well in the long run. I am sure it takes a while to learn it but it would be good I am already there if someone drops something I could just do it and they wouldn’t have a ton to do or the dad wouldn’t have to worry about coming in if he didn’t want to or couldn’t. Something to think about.

You may remember my post the other day It’s Always SomethingSomething.

I had been offered a job that BFF’s husband my old boss help me get. Its guys he is working with. I did not end up taking it.


This job wanted me to work 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. That is 6 days a week 54 hours a week. They were only willing to pay $350 a week. Less than minimum wage to start with and nothing extra for the 14 hours of overtime. I told them I would not do it for less than $500 a week.

Well yesterday I interviewed for my new job and got it on the spot and started today. They are paying $350 a week same as the last job. But it is Monday- Friday 10-5. Thats 5 days a week 35 hours a week. That is 2 hours less a day or 19 hours a week less and a day a week less for the same $350 a week. With this job I started today I can make bonuses weekly.

So everyone out there know your worth, don’t settle. Don’t let people take advantage of you just because they think your desperate. Respect yourself and demand respect from others.

{October 30, 2018}   My New Job

I start my new job today.  Yesterday the guy messaged me about an hour beforehand to make sure I was still coming. I told him yes I was heading that way in a little bit. He said great.

I got there and went in a guy came from the back. I ask if he was David he said no Charlie. I said oh sorry, and told him I was there for the interview. He told me to come to the back. As we were walking through I said Charlie I should of remebered that, it was my dad and grandpa’s name. Then he says well David is back here too we own the place together. So it was the other who messaged me and I was talking to.

We went back there was a guy sitting at a desk the guy that came up pulled one of the chairs infront of it to the side and the other out for me to sit.

We talked they ask if I knew how to use google to look thing up and if I knew how to put routes together basically. I call set up appointments for them or set them when they call in. So if I set something two towns over for Friday, they want me to get others in that town and around and then line them up so they just go from one to the next. Not jumping all over randomly or backtracking. He said if things come in why they are out to just call the one guys dad he comes and sharpens it.

They ask how soon I could start? I ask how soon they were looking for someone to? They said um tomorrow does that work? I said yes because I want the job and did not want them to find someone that would if I said no.

It is Monday-Friday 10am to 5pm. No nights weekends or holidays. I am the only real employee they have or have had. The guys mom and dad were helping he says his mom can no longer do what I am going to be doing. So its pretty much been a family thing. They didn’t care I had another job as long as I can be there when they need.

We were talking the Charlie guy said we have other jobs at night as well so this is why we do this like this. He was talking about how and where they go when. I said oh you do when he said they both had night jobs. He said they are federal police out here. Interesting kind of cool. Glad they told me later than upfront. I don’t care for most of the police around here. They are very rude and don’t really want to do their job. Most act like its a bother you called them. Mostthe time it seems as if they are just looking for any little thing to start about that has nothing to do with what your calling about.

Knowing I have done nothing wrong I still can’t relaxe with them around. I always feel like I am on egg shells just waiting for them to start about something. Even off duty ones when they come into work. But I didn’t think twice about it when he said it. I notice they were watching my response and reaction when he said it as well. Anyway they are very friendly laid back guys.

They said they were looking to start someone at $10 an hour and go from there. They said with weekly bonuses depending how many appointments I set and things like that. It being the days and hours it is I am happy. I was expecting them to say $8.25.

I am going to work both jobs for a while. I went and talk to my boss at the beach job as soon as I left there. We worked it so I will work same days just different hours some of them. Thursday and Friday I will work 6 to close. I leave my day job at 5 and go straight there. It is about 5 miles on up the road. I still open Sat and Sun so I am off have my evenings and nights with the kids. I will probably do this for at least a month maybe two. Then I will probably give up my two night shifts and just do the days. I have flexibility there if I really need a break someone will cover my hours once we have the new people trained.

I better get dinner in the crockpot and run to the store. I have to be at work in an hour and a half.

{October 28, 2018}   Re: Powerball Dreams

So I guess my idea that no one won  powerball last time was because it was meant for me was wrong. I bought two tickets for last nights drawing and again didn’t win anything! Not a $1. I do not think I was cut out for these lotto games.

But hey at least 2 people’s lives just got a little easier. They are going to split the big jackpot. And a few others won some nice prizes as well. I did my part to add to the pot they are all splitting buying my tickets the last few weeks. I am fine with that, it is nice to dream once in a while as long as you don’t let it get out of hand. It isn’t a $500 habit a day or something. We all need something to bring excitment to our lives once in a while right.

{October 27, 2018}   Someone We are Looking For

I posted an add on craigslist again just to fill in or do odd jobs like I posted before. I posted it with in the last week but had not really heard anything from it. I had two messages from it earlier in the week but they seemed like scams and were not local numbers. I did not even reply to them.

Today I was sitting at work and received a message. It said hi so and so I am Dave and I just rseen your add on craigslist and you seem like someone we are looking for. We need someone to do x, y and z. I assume you have reliable transportation?

I looked and it was a local number. I responded back that yes I had transpertation. He asked when I was available?

In my add I put i could work full time, part time or just fill in. So I ask him what he was looking for out of the three.

He said Monday through Friday 9-5. Its not 40 hours but most places are not giving 40 it is only 5 hours shy of it with no nights or weekends. I ask him where he was located and what kind of business it was. He said they have a store and are moble that they do sharpening. I wasted no time I ask him when we could meet in person and talk? This would be perfect job as for days and hours. He said I can come in Monday at 1. I will be there with bells on.

It is between my job now and my house. I live in land, the job is on the “island” and I work on the beach. You go across the island to get to my job. This is a lot closer so less drive time and less wear and tear on my car. Closer if I have to get a ride or take the bus as well. It is 5.5 miles from home vs. 13 or 15 miles one way.

I forgot to ask for an address and he didn’t give one either. This evening when I got home I looked up the business on line and found it. I wasn’t sure. But then it seems to be the only one over there. It is open the days and hours he said and they offer moble service. It says it is veteran owned that they are closed weekends and holidays. Just makes it even better. It said they started out out of their house kind of thing I guess but had such an overwhelming response that they ended up opening this location.

I have no idea how to dress seeing the kind of business that it is. I have next to nothing that fits. Everything is really big on me now. We are having some cooler days, nothing crazy don’t need a jacket yet. But your not melting walking from your house to the truck. I hope it is that way Monday, I have a nice top that didn’t fit I found the other day. I think I will wear that and my dark jeans. I just need to find a pair of shoes. I feel a nice pair of jeans will not be over dressed seeing the kind of business it is. But a nice top will be better than a t shirt. I figure they probably wear jeans and a company t shirt or polo and sneakers. So a top and jeans will be okay.

I think I sent my resume to this guy before but never heard anything back. But now he seen my add on craigslist and messaged me. Maybe just the way it was presented. I didn’t put my resume on line just wrote up an add. Who knows, I am just glad to have the interview and hope to get it. The only thing I know nothing about is the pay, I am hoping for $10 but figure it is going to be less. I do not want to get less than I am now that is $9 but I would take it even if it was only minimum at $8.25 if it seems like something that would work out and be lasting long term. Because it is set hours and days with no nights, weekends or holidays and it is 5 miles closer to home. Less travel time way less gas and a lot closer if I have to get a ride or take the bus. Very close to the bus if I had to go that route.

I hate the idea of having to tell them at my job now that I am leaving. I just this week was given halfway decent hours, but still working all weekend every weekend in order to have decent hours. I work 9 to 5 Friday-Sunday and 2 to close on Thursday. It should stay close to that after these new people train but I may end up with another closing day. I like it here but the always wanting you to be able to come in at the drop of a hat and the condescending way your talked to and the manager in general and the way him and the owner are never on the same page you never know where you stand because they both expect different things when doing the same job. You have to see who is here who is coming in and make sure you are doing things they want hope they both aren’t here at the sametime. Its stressfull. One tells you to do something and you do then the other don’t like it or what then your blamed because you didn’t do it “right” it was right it just isn’t now because the other complained and instead of owning up its pushed off you didn’t listen, you don’t know what your doing, you messed up it will be taken care of you will be talked to or were talked to. It comes down to the boss don’t want to do wjat the owner says and how he dont but then the owner gets mad it is dropped on us. The owner dont want to be here he dont want to hire deal with training a new manager so it just goes on.

{October 26, 2018}   If There Is A God

It is 2:45 am and my mind is racing from one thing to another and then another. I have to have kids at school by 7:40 and be at work by 9 to open. Normally I would work until 2 but my new hours I am there until 5. That is if they are not busy and don’t need me after that. But I just have to much on my mind to sleep.

This has been on it for a few days now. Why is it if you question faith, religion, church, believes, god or all the above, people get nerves and avoid you? They come at you with generic answers that cover nothing and don’t really answer your question. Then they pull out the old trusty go toos. Such as don’t give up now, don’t stop believing or lose faith, you have come so far something will happen soon. Or I don’t know when it is going to happen just wait. You have waited this long, it’s on his time not ours, what if yours was coming tomorrow and you give up today? It’s like all pipe dreams that people hold on to or grasp at in order to keep going or to have something to give them hope. I don’t know, but at this point looking around me at all people are going through and how others walk through life like nothing and everything else. I just feel that is all it is, something someone put there to keep people from just giving up I don’t know. Churches to make money or harbor those that do wrong and make it okay.

Wow looking back and thinking about it church’s all have had problems growing up and still today. The church I grew up in split half the people left because of things that happen with the daycare. The youth leader amd his wife were all involved. I never thought to much about it. I was a teen and wasn’t as involved at that point. It just seemed like a horrible thing that happen.

Thinking about it now and all that has come out as what happen and how the church split and took sides and outcast ones that tried to say something and stood by the ones who did the things and hired legal help and everything for them.

Then how the one me and father of the year was going to how they turned their backs on me and the kids. I wasn’t the only one they turned their backs on. Then to findout they put kids and things in danger and think nothing of it. When something happens tell the kids and parent they should forgive the person and work things out. We aren’t talking hurt my feelings called me a name or wouldn’t let me have something I wanted misunderstand kind of things. Talking people went to jail and prison and things. I understand needing to forgive not for them but yourself. But to work things out stay together, stay friends or what no, no, no that just isn’t right. Then let these people come back and welcome them as if nothing happen not say a word to new people or nothing else. Something is not right about that.

Look at all these huge churches you see, the preacher can’t know all those people that come there and have a relationships and things. I bet you not even a quarter of them are even close or able to get a hold of him and have a true preacher congregation memeber relationship. The congregation can’t even know eachother and have a true church family kind of relationship. It seems to be all about the money with them. Being popular.

Then you have others who seem to have a good balance and close and involved with members and memebers invloved doing things together. But then they become more of a clique it seems if you don’t fit in their cookie cutter.

I have been involved in all different ways from a member, to a techer to childcare worker, to being involved in the meetings of the church helping to make decisions and vote on things with the elders and preacher to an outsider looking in. And all that I have seen and experienced in and out of church and having time to really sit back take it all in think about it really has me questioning a lot and leaving me with a hard time believing seeing as no one can seem to answer my questions and avoids you when you do question and don’t just blindly follow. It isn’t like I am attacking anyone for believing, saying they shouldn’t, saying I am going to worship the devil come join me. I am just asking questions that a lot I would think would ask.

I think it comes down to the point that it makes them start questioning things and they don’t know how to Handel that. They don’t want to think about it, it is easier to just believe and go on their marry way. But meanwhile where does that leave people who maybe have never believed and maybe have decided to try this thing called church and faith or what out? Or people like me who are really questioning things and what is going on and what way to turn?

Maybe I should ask a preacher instead of random people from the church. But I don’t even know where to start to do something like that because I haven’t been to church or involved in one in so long. I don’t want to talk to the ones from the church that turned their backs on us and thinks we need to forgive and work things out. I have no idea who is over the church I grew up in. The preacher that I use to talk to there left years ago. Maybe I should set up a meeting with the preacher and his wife at the church where me and the kids were going to for a little bit there after my dad passed. Him amd his wife are both preachers, they have had this church about 11 years now and they are closer to my age. Maybe make it easier to talk to them. I don’t know, maybe I should just forget it and not go one way or the other.

I tried to do the prayer journal and the 30 day challenge and all that to try to get back into it and back to where I was before. But it all just feels so fake. I don’t know maybe that isn’t the word to use but I just couldn’t do it. It didn’t seem real it just seem like I was going through the motions. I couldn’t keep it up. I am going to have to find someone to talk to because it is on my mind to much and until I get answers it will be. Some say you haven’t had that “god” moment or that coming to god moment when you do you be okay. What? What is that supposed to mean how is that supposed to help now? Just easier to say again than having to admit they don’t know or that it raises questions in their mind or that they have the same questions but are just blindly following because that is what you do maybe?

Well now that it is 10:40 am here is my post I start at almost 3am. I was wide a wake when I started, got a quarter of the way in and passed out.

{October 26, 2018}   Powerball Dreams

I hardly ever, ever, ever play any of the lotto games but I have bought 10 tickets between the two this last week. Sadly I didn’t win even a dollar on any of them 😮. But bought more anyway.

Lastnight I did not buy any for the big one that was left. No body won it. I assume it is because I am meant to win it and couldn’t since I didn’t play. So it is just waiting on me to play the next go around. Sounds good at least right ha ha.

Anyway as everyone else I have of course been thinking about how nice it would be to win and what I would do with it.

I seen a lady upset her husband said they could not play because that much money would change them.

I don’t feel it would change me as much as it would change the way we live. As in bills would be paid, we would have a decent vehicle, I would have 2 again, I would have a house built. I would help friends, family and organizations that meant something to me and I would help people like me and others I know who are working but still struggle.

I would not have a brand new car, I would have a truck like the one I have now. But I would buy the newest year model I could. I would have the motor and things that I want in it. I wouldn’t rush and buy the first one I looked at or one that cost a ton just because I could. I would still look for best deal for the money. Once I bought it I would take it straight to my good friend and have him check it over and fix anything that was wrong with it. Then I would take it and have it painted the color I want by the guy I met the other week who has a body shop. This way we would now have a ride that was 100% dependable or as close to it as you can get. I would then go find me a little truck just for me to run around in. Again nothing new just something decent for the money.

A house I would buy a big chunk of land and have mine and the kids dream house put on it. Everyone would have their own room. The boys would have a bathroom to share between theirs and the girls one for them to share between their rooms. 3rd floor would be my room and bathroom. Down first floor would be big open livingroom, kitchen, dinning room, with a bathroom, guest room that had access to the bathroom and a library. The fllor the kids rooms are on would have a laoundry room and a loft on either end.

I would help my BFF out for sure make sure she had a house and vehicle. I would let her move on my property. I am not sure how I would help family out as I do not know that I would want them living on the same property or to just give them money in hopes they moved somewhere else. Seeing as I don’t get along with them or see them much now as it is.

I would buy a large piece of land and put apartments on it. I would have 1 to 4 bedroom apartments. Maybe 50 to 100. I would use them as transitional housing to help single parents that have their kids and are working and really trying to do better for their families. Say they can stay x amount of time but they have to be working x hours a week and also be in school getting a degree or doing a vocational program or work study. Something that will let you be able to get into a place and take care of yourself and kids without stuggling. Have daycare on site at reduced rates or free. Have someone to run it then hire the ones who are going to school for childcare work there. Have them learning to budget and save money. Let them stay for one year after they finish school. In that time help them start looking at buying a house. Have them start saving as soon as they come so they can have a down payment and things. There is so much that you could offer that would make things better for them. You could have a handful of different paths they could pick from to work on why they were living there.

You would have to have strict rules about what they had to do to keep their housing and stay with the program. Even if they lived other places/states make it so that they could come there and still take part in the programs if they wanted to. Make it everyone’s “village” where they find support and help from people in the same boat as them. Learn to help eachother out.

There is so much you could do with just a small amount. But having more gets others to listen to you. From there you can get funding and things from all over the place. It is just getting over that hurdle and getting to talk to the right people.

{October 25, 2018}   Yesterday 10/25/18

Yesterday would of been my daddy’s 66th birthday. I can not believe I have been 3 years without him. I miss him just as if it was last week. We didn’t do much, me and oldest went to the store late the night before (Tuesday) and after being in there only a matter of minutes I was so sick. My head was hurting so bad the lights driving home hurt my eyes. The light from my phone was horrible and if I tried to scroll up and down or side to side anything I couldn’t stand it, I had to close my eye. I went straight to bed.

When I got up the next moring to get the little ones ready for school it was still hurting. Not as bad but still pretty bad. I had oldest walk them over let them get breakfast and take them to class and mostly just slept for the day. It finally went away.

I have no idea what broughtbit on so fast and so bad. I didn’t notice a smell or sound in the store and oldest said she felt fine. It was odd.

After I picked the kids up at school I took them to the park for a while. We ended up being there for 2 hours or more. We went and explored a park we had never been to. It was nice and fun.

There was a trail to walk that goes out to big ponds with little docks and there was two areas to bring dogs too. One had a big fence the other has a lower fence. I would have to take my to crazy beast in the one with the higher fence so they do not jump out and run away. They also had some great places to take pictures of the kids. I think I took a few hundred shots why we were there. Some posed some just random.

My little guy decided to climb the tree he got about halfway up and got scared. The older kids had to get him down because he was over our heads and they are taller. In a little bit he decided to try again. He got a little higher and came down. He kept going back trying again and a again. Me and the girld went back over to the park the boys stayed by the water and the trees. In a little bit I hear mommy come look!!

I turn around and look and I can see him in the top of the tree out on a branch sitting like he is riding a horse and holding onto another playing with it. I ran over and took pictures. I had the other kids stand under the tree look up so you can see how high up he was. He thought it was great I am just thinking how is he going to get down? In a minute I started taking pictures of the other kids there doing something and he comes running up. In like a minute or so he was down. He climbed it a few times he is so proud of himself. I am to overcoming his fear that fast and how fast he gets up there and down wow.

I told him he takes after his Grandpa, he was a tree climber and cutter most my life. He worked for the power company here keeping the trees out of the powerlines or getting them out. He did a lot of side jobs when I was little as well and we would help him.

Boy I sure miss my dad its just this empty spot something is missing.

{October 21, 2018}   A New Judge

I received an email back from the judge’s Judicial Assistant. She said he no longer handles family law cases, I have to contact the clerk of court and see who they are giving my case to now. I have to do that this week and hopefully get an email sent to them. I hope they will just update it and send it to me rather than make me go back to court. While the judge the first time was all worried about me not doing things right and not having a lawyer i did everything right and the judge is the one who messed it up. It was in both sets of paperwork I filed and they still missed it. And it was discussed in court the day we went for the divorce.

et cetera
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