No Trick or Treating

We are not going this year. I am not into it and do not want to spend almost $150 on costumes. They are only going to be used a few hours to collect candy that is going to lay in the pantry until Christmas or New Years before it gets tossed out. The costumes will … Continue reading No Trick or Treating


Love My New Job

I love my new job so far, I don't think it could get any better. One of the owners was there when I got there he had opened up and everything. He showed me how to use square our pos system. Where the safe was to drop the money at the end of the night, … Continue reading Love My New Job

Know Your Worth and Do Not Settle For Less

You may remember my post the other day It's Always SomethingSomething. I had been offered a job that BFF's husband my old boss help me get. Its guys he is working with. I did not end up taking it.   This job wanted me to work 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. That is … Continue reading Know Your Worth and Do Not Settle For Less