{October 1, 2018}   Where To Move To

I am thinking more that maybe I should just go to GA. It is a closer trip than NC. I am worried about my truck making it plus the money to get there. I will have around $700 to go on all together. I don’t know how I am going to get anything with that. My cousin in NC said they are in a one bedroom so they don’t have room. My one in GA said she may beable to have me a job lined up when I get there. She is checking on places to rent. She said she knows someone who owns a trailer park she is going to check with them. I told her even a 2 bedroom for now i will put girls in one boys in one and sleep in the livingroom. Heck Little Bitty sleeps with me i can put two two beds in girls room sleep in there. One for me & her, one for oldest. Told her if they work with me on upfront cost let me pay extra monthly i be okay. Once i got deposites paid was working then move over to something bigger.

She said she was going to check into somethings and see what help she could find me and what looked best between her and where her sister is. I think I would like it with the one in GA more. I’m just not sure.

Its exciting but nerve racking too. But Llike I told her, as long as I know I have a place to stay someone is going to work with me we are golden. We don’t care how big or small as long as we have a place to sleep cook bath. The rest will come from there. I will get a job and we will work on getting furniture and things we need. Getting a bigger place even. If i have a place to go i would not think twice about going. The not knowing stresses me out and causes panic. But so does being here and no where to go. All I can do is see what she finds out tomorrow. If someone says tell her we will take them work with them i will start packing tomorrow.

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