{October 9, 2018}   Poor Oldest

Back in 2015 my oldest took her money she had saved and bought herself two birds and a nice cage. She has managed to keep them a live and happy the last three years and moved them into a bird mansion with in the last year or so.

But she has a bad habit of taking them out at times they should not be out lately. So Saturday we were cleaning the truck out. Well the boys left the front door open, I was sitting in the truck and noticed it. I kept thinking I should tell them to close it but wasn’t really worried about it as the dogs were in their cages.

Well in a little bit Oldest goes in and comes out crying. Her bird was gone. She has this huge cage for these 2 little birds and it has an area on top they can come out and sit. Well she put them up there knowing we were going in and out to the truck and knowing the cage is right next to the front door.

I feel bad for her and I don’t because we have been going around about this for a while and her doing things like this. She is so worried about him now, how he going to get food, stay dry, safe, sleep and on and on. The other bird don’t seem to even care that its a lone now. She’s worried it is going to die from being a lone.

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