{October 18, 2018}   Keeping It

I have decided for now I am just going to keep my truck. Running wise I need the speed things other than that I need the front end fixed. So probably a little over $300 in parts then someone to put them in.

Once I have some money coming in I want to get it painted. I don’t care for the color and it could use a paint job. It isn’t bad but has some chipped spots. I am going to paint it the color of my old truck I think. I like that color. Or maybe the blue on the one I have been seeing around town that I like so much. We will see. I will have to check that one out and see what color blue that is. I think they had it painted because I have not seen that color on one before.

I will just drive it until it won’t go anymore or I have money and find one I want. In the meantime I will work on getting a little Ranger.

I love my truck but it is a lot to drive all the time when I am alone or just me and a few kids. Its a lot of truck but I need the room when we all want to go or have to go. If I get something smaller I will save on gas when I am by myself.

Once I fix it paint it, it will be like a new truck really. I am not worried about the motor because they go forever. I would not be worried about driving it to anywhere I wanted to move at that point no matter how far we decided to go.

What kind of truck do you have?

An Excursion I love it because it has room for everyone and cargo room without having to take the 3rd seat out. I can tow anything I need or want to with it. I never really wanted this one. I wanted to look at others get one I liked, but was pushed into this one. I have put so much work in it and things. But at this point I may as well just keep it.

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