{October 26, 2018}   Powerball Dreams

I hardly ever, ever, ever play any of the lotto games but I have bought 10 tickets between the two this last week. Sadly I didn’t win even a dollar on any of them šŸ˜®. But bought more anyway.

Lastnight I did not buy any for the big one that was left. No body won it. I assume it is because I am meant to win it and couldn’t since I didn’t play. So it is just waiting on me to play the next go around. Sounds good at least right ha ha.

Anyway as everyone else I have of course been thinking about how nice it would be to win and what I would do with it.

I seen a lady upset her husband said they could not play because that much money would change them.

I don’t feel it would change me as much as it would change the way we live. As in bills would be paid, we would have a decent vehicle, I would have 2 again, I would have a house built. I would help friends, family and organizations that meant something to me and I would help people like me and others I know who are working but still struggle.

I would not have a brand new car, I would have a truck like the one I have now. But I would buy the newest year model I could. I would have the motor and things that I want in it. I wouldn’t rush and buy the first one I looked at or one that cost a ton just because I could. I would still look for best deal for the money. Once I bought it I would take it straight to my good friend and have him check it over and fix anything that was wrong with it. Then I would take it and have it painted the color I want by the guy I met the other week who has a body shop. This way we would now have a ride that was 100% dependable or as close to it as you can get. I would then go find me a little truck just for me to run around in. Again nothing new just something decent for the money.

A house I would buy a big chunk of land and have mine and the kids dream house put on it. Everyone would have their own room. The boys would have a bathroom to share between theirs and the girls one for them to share between their rooms. 3rd floor would be my room and bathroom. Down first floor would be big open livingroom, kitchen, dinning room, with a bathroom, guest room that had access to the bathroom and a library. The fllor the kids rooms are on would have a laoundry room and a loft on either end.

I would help my BFF out for sure make sure she had a house and vehicle. I would let her move on my property. I am not sure how I would help family out as I do not know that I would want them living on the same property or to just give them money in hopes they moved somewhere else. Seeing as I don’t get along with them or see them much now as it is.

I would buy a large piece of land and put apartments on it. I would have 1 to 4 bedroom apartments. Maybe 50 to 100. I would use them as transitional housing to help single parents that have their kids and are working and really trying to do better for their families. Say they can stay x amount of time but they have to be working x hours a week and also be in school getting a degree or doing a vocational program or work study. Something that will let you be able to get into a place and take care of yourself and kids without stuggling. Have daycare on site at reduced rates or free. Have someone to run it then hire the ones who are going to school for childcare work there. Have them learning to budget and save money. Let them stay for one year after they finish school. In that time help them start looking at buying a house. Have them start saving as soon as they come so they can have a down payment and things. There is so much that you could offer that would make things better for them. You could have a handful of different paths they could pick from to work on why they were living there.

You would have to have strict rules about what they had to do to keep their housing and stay with the program. Even if they lived other places/states make it so that they could come there and still take part in the programs if they wanted to. Make it everyone’s “village” where they find support and help from people in the same boat as them. Learn to help eachother out.

There is so much you could do with just a small amount. But having more gets others to listen to you. From there you can get funding and things from all over the place. It is just getting over that hurdle and getting to talk to the right people.

socialworkerangela says:

I love those ideas. I too played and didn’t win anything

My mom in law bought a ticket and won $7. LOL

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