{October 30, 2018}   Know Your Worth and Do Not Settle For Less

You may remember my post the other day It’s Always SomethingSomething.

I had been offered a job that BFF’s husband my old boss help me get. Its guys he is working with. I did not end up taking it.


This job wanted me to work 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday. That is 6 days a week 54 hours a week. They were only willing to pay $350 a week. Less than minimum wage to start with and nothing extra for the 14 hours of overtime. I told them I would not do it for less than $500 a week.

Well yesterday I interviewed for my new job and got it on the spot and started today. They are paying $350 a week same as the last job. But it is Monday- Friday 10-5. Thats 5 days a week 35 hours a week. That is 2 hours less a day or 19 hours a week less and a day a week less for the same $350 a week. With this job I started today I can make bonuses weekly.

So everyone out there know your worth, don’t settle. Don’t let people take advantage of you just because they think your desperate. Respect yourself and demand respect from others.

socialworkerangela says:

Very true! Happy you didn’t settle

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